TV series you wish lasted longer...



  • Fringe
    Dirty Jobs
    so little time. :)
  • The Wonder Years!

  • darrensurrey
    darrensurrey Posts: 3,942 Member
    Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles
  • laurapgmartinez
    laurapgmartinez Posts: 46 Member
    Men in Trees!
  • Firefly
    Trailer Park Boys
  • Akaja
    Akaja Posts: 75 Member
    Firefly. I watched it all in one go since I didn't know about it when it was airing. So good.
    Keeping Up Appearances. This used to be my night-time chill out/dessert program.
  • LadyHobbledehoy
    LadyHobbledehoy Posts: 91 Member
    30 Rock
    Eli Stone - Ended WAY to soon
    Almost Human - Also ended way too soon!
    Ugly Betty - I miss this show, but this show had one of the best conclusions ever in any show in history.
    The Office - By this, I mean I wish it would've lasted longer with Steve Carell in it. I still watched it all the way through to the end, but Michael Scott was just a magical character.
  • InfoomaousTete
    InfoomaousTete Posts: 1,383 Member
    I'm in a panic that True Blood is ending in a few more episodes!!
  • onc3uponatim3
    onc3uponatim3 Posts: 34 Member
    Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

    The Secret Circle


    As The Bell Rings
    this was in Disney Channel in commercial breaks
  • KristopherK1
    KristopherK1 Posts: 2,888 Member
    Mystery Science Theater 3000
  • LadyHobbledehoy
    LadyHobbledehoy Posts: 91 Member
    Mystery Science Theater 3000

    Good one
  • SoDamnHungry
    SoDamnHungry Posts: 6,998 Member
    No Ordinary Family.
    Dead Like Me.
    Kyle XY
    Star Trek
    Terra Nova

    Dead like me! Such a good show.
    The finder.
  • smashley_mashley
    smashley_mashley Posts: 589 Member
    Its not over yet... about to start the final season and I am already mad that it is ending.... Sons of Anarchy
  • jolinemariem
    jolinemariem Posts: 462 Member
    The L word
  • kittycatmeowmeow
    kittycatmeowmeow Posts: 90 Member
    Stargate (all of them) :sad:
    IT Crowd
    Arrested Development
  • EDollah
    EDollah Posts: 464 Member
    Police Squad!

    Don't know it? That's because it only last 6 episodes. You do probably know the 3 movies it spawned - the Naked Gun series.
  • Soggynode
    Soggynode Posts: 1,179 Member
    The Equalizer
  • smarieallen85
    smarieallen85 Posts: 535 Member
    freaks and geeks!
  • DWhy5
    DWhy5 Posts: 541 Member
    The O.C.

    Yeah I said it.
  • the Naked Archeologist
    The IT Crowd