willpower is.....



  • steveocy1
    steveocy1 Posts: 19 Member
    AND not eating my 2 1/2 year old's left over mac and cheese!

    I'm good at not eating my daughters leftovers, but she is big into feeding me from her plate right now. A person cannot refuse food from a 2 year old when it makes her so happy to give it to you.
  • rosehips60
    rosehips60 Posts: 1,030 Member
    finding homemade candy and cookies from Christmas when you clean out the deep freezer and putting them on the counter without taking a single bite!
  • AllieLosingIt
    AllieLosingIt Posts: 150 Member
    ...taking the time to make my own healthy dinner when my boyfriend is opening the door to the pizza delivery guy.
  • bezerkus
    bezerkus Posts: 79 Member
    Not buying pre-made cookie doe in those perfect bite size squares with no intention of taking the time to bake it.
  • michaelosx
    michaelosx Posts: 15 Member
    The Hobart Shakespeareans http://www.hobartshakespeareans.org/
  • Luuvy
    Luuvy Posts: 602 Member
    Willpower is walking in the mall smelling cinnabun and not buying one, or driving past Krispy Kreme doughnuts when the hot n ready sign is lit up ohhhhhh the agony:laugh:
  • kelly_e_montana
    kelly_e_montana Posts: 1,999 Member
    I don't believe in will power. I believe in fitting in so much good stuff into your every day life first that you don't have room for much of that isn't quite the best choice. After a while being balanced is so much of your normal lifestyle, that no will power is needed. You just live like a healthy person and know that you're treating your physical and emotional well-being right.
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,371 Member
    AND not eating my 2 1/2 year old's left over mac and cheese!

    Oh man, that is the hardest for me! It barely makes it to the trash before I devour left overs. I have to immediately throw away any left overs (if there are any as I try to cook exactly how much we will eat) because if I try to save it for another lunch/meal, I end up eating it that night....or while I am putting it in tubberware. lol

    Easy for me frankly. They put their hands everywhere and often in their food... Ew no thanks!!!

    But when they buy pretzels or want cookies or want me to make them an ice cream cone... it gets tougher.
  • Tigg_er
    Tigg_er Posts: 22,001 Member
    Not buying pre-made cookie doe in those perfect bite size squares with no intention of taking the time to bake it.

    Oh Boy I know this weakness !
  • Carnivor0us
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  • Serah87
    Serah87 Posts: 5,481 Member
    .....having a donut and not the whole box of donuts.

    .....having a serving or 2 of ice cream and not the whole container.

    .....having a cookie or 2, etc. etc.

    I just make it fit in my calories if I want it.

    Now a Micky Pretzel I have every time I go to Disney World, we go once a month. :bigsmile:
  • ajax041813
    ajax041813 Posts: 136 Member
    ordering a redeye coffee from starbucks instead of my usual mocha soy latte. It was difficult for me but the redeye was really good. We had treats over this past weekend so I didn't need any more sugar or extra stuff. I was proud of myself!
  • monolith66
    monolith66 Posts: 168 Member
    Willpower is, walking by that pretzel stand knowing that you can have one anytime you want as long as it fits your macros, today, tomorrow and the next day, not giving it another glance because food doesn't control you, you control it and walking right by.
  • glasshalffull713
    glasshalffull713 Posts: 323 Member
    Knowing what you REALLY want.
  • meridianova
    meridianova Posts: 438 Member
    leaving almost half of a beautifully cooked, utterly delicious, juicy, thick ribeye on the plate, because i know if i devour all of it i'll be way over my calories for the day... and that includes eating back my exercise calories.
  • FaylinaMeir
    FaylinaMeir Posts: 661 Member
    how I'm losing weight! :flowerforyou: :laugh:
  • Mr_Bad_Example
    Mr_Bad_Example Posts: 2,403 Member
    ... eating whatever I want so long as it fits into my daily goals.
  • mangoblue
    stop eating chocolates and generally sweets !
  • sho3girl
    sho3girl Posts: 10,799 Member
    ...like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. :)
  • foomsy
    foomsy Posts: 222 Member
    Serving the whole family lyons sponge cake with double cream and having none of it. And by the way i have a sweet tooth and love sweets and dessert.