Need ideas on foods and/or meals

Like the title says, I need help finding foods or meals that low on calories. I've been dieting for a little over a week now and I would like to have more options. I have been eating cottage cheese, low fat chicken, spinach and lettuce salad. Peta bread, toast, turkey ham and burgers, low fat cheese, fruits, etc etc. I just would like more options. Any ideas, suggestions, comments are more than welcome.


  • monolith66
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    How about everything... IIFYM.
  • Mangopickle
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    Asian stir frys are great, just leave out the rice. I like moo goo gai pan. Lentil soup, quinoa with veggies. Beef barley soup. Chicken noodle soup. Roast chicken with Brussels sprouts, pot roast with carrots, spinach egg beaters frittata. Egg plant lasagna. Homemade chili
  • mangoblue
    1. Fish - Salmon with salad or grilled octapus with salad.
    2. Omellet with veggies
    3. Veggies with light cheese
    4. Tuna salad
    5. Beans
    6. Okra with chicken
    7. Quinoa with shimps
    8. Squid with salad
    10. Light Pizza - Tortilla pitta with tomato, turkey ham, light cheese, green pepper, oregon
    11. Yogurt with cereals / Yogurt and add some fruits in it
    12. Watermelon with 2 slices of light Halloumi
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    A few folks post their meals here You will see lots of different foods.

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    How about everything... IIFYM.