Protein/Casein "Fluff" without fruit?

I'm sure many of you have heard of protein or casein fluff, right?

Typically it looks something like this:

40g casein powder
200g mashed berries (strawberry, blueberry, etc.)
2-3 oz of milk or water.

Mash/mix together in a bowl then use an electric mixer, blend on high speed for 8-10 minutes and it grows huge, fluffy, and tasty.

Well I'm wondering if anyone has does this without the fruit, and if so, what modifications did you make to ensure it came out fluffy? I have casein that I believe would taste weird with fruit (choc & peanut butter) but my fear is that the fruit is imperative to the final texture. Any help appreciated.


  • tectactoe
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  • kimny72
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    Sorry, I've never heard of that. Is it supposed to be the consistency of whipped cream? Or meringue? If so, I wouldn't think the berries would make a difference to the texture. Otherwise, I haven't a clue!
  • Zylahe
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    Ive done chocolate protein powder with water ( and a touch of xanthm to make it stiffer,)
    I have a really cheap brand of powder so addedsome cocoa and its like eating chocolate mousse.

    I didnt use a recipie but you could try
  • reachingforarainbow
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    Banana would go pretty well with chocolate peanut butter.... just saying.
    You could try with greek yogurt.
    Or avocado (it doesn't have to strong of a taste)
  • geebusuk
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    You can use plain water ice. It's not quite as good as fruit, but still pretty nice.
    Do need a decent blender.
    I've also used ice cubes made with sugar sugar free cordial with a plain powder to give it taste when with a plain powder.