Ever had a bad day and feel like not working out?

How do you guys cope with that? These days I've been so moody and it makes me wanna slack off my workouts! Help!


  • shadowofender
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    21 days build a habit. If you're in the habit of making yourself workout, then you will even if you don't want to.

    I really didn't want to the other day. I found myself parked at my gym before I even realized I was driving.
  • stephanieross1
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    I have great days and dont want to work out.
    I still drag my *kitten* to the gyn and i feel even better (on good days and bad)

    Its all mentality once you get in and start you wont dread it, make it fun
  • morethenjustmum
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    I try to talk my kids into some fun, like a bike ride or a game of tag. Its exercise without exercise lol and i find afterwards i am ready to do more. Alternately i walk my dogs around the block, do 25 jumping jacks etc. I find if i give it a go for 10-15 mins and still want to slack off I give in, but at least i did something and feel a but better. Honestly tho after a few mins I generally get into it.

    Now some days , well some days i just cant be arsed, like when my darling angels keep me up till all hours and I cant drag myself out of bed. On those days I enjoy a rest and giver the next day instead.

    Good luck.
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  • bidimus
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    How do you guys cope with that? These days I've been so moody and it makes me wanna slack off my workouts! Help!

    Sure. Calorie tracking is it's own motivation though. I was too tired to go running earlier this week. But that day off means I had less calories to work with for the day. That was my choice and because I stuck to my caloric goals it didn't impact my progress.

    Now I also have performance goals for my running too and that missed run just means I need to make up those miles later this week. If I don't it will make my next run harder. Do that too much and I may not hit my performance goals. Yet another decision I have to make for myself.

    My priorities are on my performance goals though so I'll be making up those miles. :)

    You don't get to log a workout you didn't do or your cheating yourself. If you're not feeling up to it, know you'll have to give up something else and ask yourself if it's worth it. If so, take an unscheduled rest day. It will be fine.
  • maasha81
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    Working out improves my mood greatly and helps me unwind / distress. I don't even think about it ..I just put on my workout gear and start ...
  • stealthq
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    Yeah. This morning.

    Didn't get a decent night's sleep. D*** dog kept jumping up and barking at things outside. I was sooo tired.

    I gave myself an extra 15min of sleep because I could not keep my eyes open, then got up and went anyway. Cut my cardio a bit short, so I'll make it up with a walk later tonight.
  • crescentgaia
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    I plan for it. :D Four days on (two walk days, a cross train/strength day, walk day), one day off, one day intense cardio (getting back into swimming - I am red faced and breathing hard afterwards), one day off, then back to the four days again. But this is through knowing my body and also following a training plan. First I had to find and set a fitness goal, like the couch to 5K plan, and then go with what that plan described. I didn't leave it up to me to make the plan because I knew I would slack! I'm only on the second week and it's rest day, but I find myself looking forward to working out. So, that might help.
  • cardinalsfootball
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    Workout for your long-term health and other short-term benefits. Track and eat cals at goal to lose weight. You just have to force yourself to do it. I would say that I only really WANT to workout 1 in ever 20 sessions. So listening to that devil on my shoulder would be a recipe for disaster.
  • ItsJordanNicole
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    21 days build a habit. If you're in the habit of making yourself workout, then you will even if you don't want to.

    I really didn't want to the other day. I found myself parked at my gym before I even realized I was driving.

    I agree with this. You just have to push yourself to go until it is a habit. To me, it's kind of like a job, I don't necessarily like it but I know it has to be done so I do it almost without thinking much of it.
  • jescamp9481
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    mostly around TOM I dont feel like it, and sometimes I don't... skipping a day or two is not going to matter in the long run. sometimes I go to they gym and just have a bad day, can only run for 10 mins, get tired, cant do usual weights... I try not to obsess
  • BigGuy47
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    I generally push through and exercise. More often than not I feel better when I've finished my routine.

    If I'm really not feeling it that day I take a day off. Surprisingly the world does not come to an end. I don't make any radical calorie shifts for failing to exercise that day. It's one day. BFD
  • FindingAmy77
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    yes I get them but I make myself do a workout/walk anyways. Exercise creates happy endorphins and reduces stress so these are the days you really need some exercise. Just make yourself do it.. pretty soon you will get into it once you start

    this is especially true on days I am cramping. It truly makes cramps better even though you just want to stay curled up in a ball on the couch.
  • queenierz
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    I see... thak you for all your replies! I got to agree that if I pass the point of starting a workout, I will be able to go on and finish it without giving in... so the hardest part form e is the starting part. Spmetmes i tell myself, okay, next five inutes I should start, but then I keep rpocastinating it until the next hour or so. I don't want to find exercising routines as a "job" to me, because it will lose the fun and it will feel like a "burden" to me, but yeah, I guess I need to make it a habit of quickly starting the workout so I cancontinue going on with it. Thank you for all your help! I literally had a bad week from jet lags, relationship problems, sleep deprivations, and stress about slacking off. I'll try to push myuself to start quickly, :P
  • Liftng4Lis
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    I get them, but I make myself go. I find pre-logging the exercise makes me work harder when I feel this way.
  • salladeve
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    When I don't feel like working out, for what ever reason I just force myself to go. I'll tell myself that I'm just going to give it 15 minutes, and then if I don't feel better I'll just go home. Funny thing is I've never cut it short and gone home! Usually after 10 minutes or so of cardo, I'm ready to move on to the weights, or yoga or what ever and end up having a really good workout.
  • smarieallen85
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    I feel worse if I don't go, that's how. Unless it's a rest day, which I even find hard to take, I will just do it. I'll be more sad sitting at home thinking about how I didn't go to the gym. I've done spin class with a splitting headache...Which is maybe a little extreme ha
  • ucabucca
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    I almost always am counting hours to workout time but even then there are days mood influences my drive but I go to gym and see if I can shake it. If it a fighting battle and I realize its more which has happened a few times since I have a tendency to overtrain then I have quit but it has to be I feel totally off sick or pain to quit
  • SwitzEngine
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    I was just on holidays and I missed my workout. Yes, I have those days but I am not worried about it. I just don't workout and do the next day a little more.