Do I look skinny?



  • jenilla1
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    You don't look skinny. You don't look fat. You look healthy. If you're looking for a way to enhance your already nice figure, you could consider weight training to build some definition. I love it myself! :flowerforyou:
  • You look fantastic! Believe me, there are 100s of people on here who would LOVE to look how you look in that bikini!
    True! :smile:
  • tweetiejovi
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    Wow you look great I would kill to look like you do xx
  • I_need_moar_musclez
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    You look slim, not skinny. You look fantastic! :)
  • Falcon
    Falcon Posts: 853 Member
    if I had a body like that I would be showing it off at the beach every chance I got.

    Don't let your mind play tricks on you. You look great.
  • sarahmoo12
    sarahmoo12 Posts: 756 Member
    I personally think you look perfect in your pic.
    Might be an idea to have a wee health check up though just to get a professional opinion and maybe chat about how your feeling in your body right now :)
  • Owlibee You are beautiful the way God made you!

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  • IvyLuci
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    I don't think you look skinny,you look like I would like to look some day :-)

    If I might suggest something? Shoulders back, chest up, chin high. It will make you look stronger and more confident, after a while your mind will catch up (or as my dance teacher says, fake it till you make it :-D)
  • laurie04427
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    You look awesome, I wouldn't change a thing :)
  • shmoony
    shmoony Posts: 237 Member
    I think you could actually stand to drop a few if that makes you feel any better.
  • itsbasschick
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    you don't look skinny. if you want to firm up, weight training will help over time - and that would be lifting enough weight to be a challenge.

    your posture looks sort of defeated, and you'd probably feel that you look better with a more confident way of standing.
  • I don't think you look too skinny at all I think you look perfect :)
  • lenny1976
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    I think you look great!
  • Owlibee
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    I think you could actually stand to drop a few if that makes you feel any better.

    I am clinically underweight. why would you say that?

    My BMI is only 18.
  • nykismile
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    I think you could actually stand to drop a few if that makes you feel any better.


    Just no.
  • Falcon
    Falcon Posts: 853 Member
    I think you could actually stand to drop a few if that makes you feel any better.

    are you kidding? no just no no no no no
  • wbandel
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    I'm not too familiar with what you've been doing for exercise, but I think weights in general would be a good idea. When I dropped a lot of weight I got boney and skinny fat looking. My spine hurt when I leaned against a wall, and my tail bone hurt when I sat on the ground (at the high end of healthy). I hated how delicate my shoulders looked and how I had nothing to protect my bones, so I started going to the gym and cycling through legs, torso, and arms. Even just the weight machines for 30 min a couple times a week was enough to help my body cover itself better. No more hurting when I lean or sit! :) If you don't like your hips and all of that showing I think weights would probably help you feel more covered and less boney. It will also help you feel stronger. You said you also have a lower BMI and would like to raise it, so doing weights while increasing your calories would be a perfect fit. Best of luck!
  • grubb1019
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    I think you look great. You have the look that I hope to have some day.
  • Lemongrab13
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    You do not need to gain or lose weight. At all.

    I have the opposite problem, in that I see someone much fatter than I am. The only thing that makes me feel like I'm beautiful (or at least present a realistic view of myself) is by exercising.
    When I don't run or lift I feel incredibly unattractive. I can literally feel like I gained 50lbs in a day.
    As long as you don't over exercise (as some do which is another form of an ED) I think it could be great for you.

    You are beautiful :flowerforyou:
  • norcal_yogi
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    you look healthy... not too skinny.