It's taken me a good few years, but I've lost 80lbs

So hi everyone! I've been meaning to post something about my achievements up to date for a while now. I started this journey by joining the gym just before I turned 20 and I've never looked back! I started off at 270lbs and I made it my goal to get down to about 180lbs!

I'm currently 192lbs and I've plateaued slightly, but I can see the end in sight! I can still see improvements to be made and I will strive to achieve even better results in the next few months, it's all a big learning experience. I've been big all my life until I started making a change and it's taking a lot of adjusting to my new appearance!


About 270lbs:


Annnnd a few from now at 192lbs:




I'm sorry if the quality is bad, I don't always pic the best places in terms of lighting haha