Gluten and Dairy Intolerance...end of my life?!



  • redraidergirl2009
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    I think I may be gluten and dairy intolerant. I originally thought it was dairy, but now I think. How the hell do I live like this?!

    Eat food probably. If you want to live that is.
  • MinnieInMaine
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    Oh EM Gee - how ever will you cope?!

    smh FWP
  • kelxx
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    Not the end of your life just the start of a new chapter ;-)
    I started off wheat free, then had to come off gluten now dairy free too ,I find I'm ok with goats cheese and goats butter though in moderation
    You get inventive with raw ingredients
    Look on the bright side ... If you get a positive diagnosis for intolerance and have to avoid certain foods it helps cut down the options of temptation food wise (although there is a gorgeous ice cream Swedish glacé which I would also recommend;-) )
    If you get stuck and need any gluten free / dairy free ideas that are low cal I've picked up a few along my weightloss journey
    Best wishes
  • I’m gluten free (though hoping my sensitivity will clear itself up at some point, fingers crossed), and there’s an app you can download called Find Me Gluten Free, which will show you all the restaurants around you that have gluten free options, along with user reviews of those options. It’s true that cooking at home will be way better for you most likely, but if you’re anything like me, you’re going to end up wanting to eat out on occasion. I can’t really comment on the no dairy thing, but GF hasn’t been as bad as I thought. Still miss it on occasion though, especially because I run a café with some pretty killer pastries…
  • climbing_trees
    climbing_trees Posts: 727 Member has some great recipes, gluten and dairy free!
  • merisaOct3
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    There's a learning curve, but you'll adjust - it's really not that bad! I have been GF for over 5 years. Feel free to add me - my diary is open to friends and I cook so you might get some ideas for recipes. I know this sounds trite, but going gluten-free has changed my life.
  • PrincessClub
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    Lactose intolerance is easy to manage but takes some adjustment.

    Pro tip: buy some lactaid pills (not the chewable kind, they taste like pre-digested astronaut ice cream) and keep them in your car, purse, etc., because you will inevitably eat something you shouldn't have and they'll keep you from getting sick.

    In my experience lactose digestive enzymes have diminishing returns, though, so don't go eating lactose laden foods all the time or you're going to intimately learn the definition of intestinal distress.