From Obese With Severe Anxiety to a Fit Personal Trainer



  • Canwehugnow
    Canwehugnow Posts: 218 Member
    Great job!
  • Wookinpanub
    Wookinpanub Posts: 635 Member
    Love the pic of you and the girl in your jeans. Great work!
  • baybear14
    baybear14 Posts: 56 Member
    Wow! You look amazing!
  • GuybrushThreepw00d
    GuybrushThreepw00d Posts: 784 Member
    1. great job
    2. before/after shots, put the after on the right hand side.
    3. in the last picture what are you doing to your girlfriend???? :drinker:
  • Eaglesfanintn
    Eaglesfanintn Posts: 813 Member
    Congrats on the success! I'm getting there, but still a ways to go. Reading stories like yours really helps!
  • dannyxtyler
    dannyxtyler Posts: 72 Member
    I absolutely needed this. My anxiety (over my weight) was so bad before starting to lose weight - I'm still struggling, but it is already better with 40 pounds lost. I am thankful that you shared your story and gave me hope that with losing weight, I'll gain the confidence to overcome this.
  • Mikkimeow
    Mikkimeow Posts: 1,282 Member
    Umm, you look amazing.

  • Makterbro
    Makterbro Posts: 101 Member
    You look awesome! Your story is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing :)
  • jasonmh630
    jasonmh630 Posts: 2,850 Member
    Well done, good sir! Can definitely tell the difference in attitude/happiness.
  • CoachJen71
    CoachJen71 Posts: 1,200 Member
    Love it! Inspiring, not only because I am on a weight loss journey, but because I have two teen boys who live for video games and I worry about them finding a path in life outside of playing those things. LOL
  • evitaevita12
    evitaevita12 Posts: 69 Member
    Thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration to so many!
  • snf78
    snf78 Posts: 24 Member
    I'm just starting (day 3) and I LOVE the motivation that you bring .... you look AMAZING!! :)
  • JaneyB311
    JaneyB311 Posts: 80 Member
    Well done, you look fantastic and so healthy & happy which is the main thing.

    I totally get where you're coming from as I suffered from anxiety and turned to food as my comfort, I could literally feel food pushing the anxiety back down into my stomach! I sought counselling for what I described as my 'food monster' and it was the best thing I ever did. I still have a lot of work to do to get where I want to be, but I have discovered I love eating well and working out and I feel like a whole new person.

    You're a true inspiration and thank you for sharing your story. I think people are only starting to realise how much food is linked to anxiety & depression and what a vicious circle it can be, so very well done for being so open and honest and most of all for turning your life around. You rock!!
  • RachelRuns9
    RachelRuns9 Posts: 585 Member
    AWESOME! You rock!!! :)
    BEVERLYSTEEN Posts: 106 Member
    Wow, what a difference! You look like a whole different person and I am so happy that your mindset has changed as well. Congratulations on facing your fears to get out in the world again.
  • amcook4
    amcook4 Posts: 561 Member
  • MisterZ33
    MisterZ33 Posts: 567 Member
    Marry me.

    My thoughts exactly.

    mine too...

  • laineybz
    laineybz Posts: 704 Member
    Amazing! Well done!
  • DerekG79
    DerekG79 Posts: 116 Member
    Pretty amazing. Congrats on your success sir!
  • tweedledee16
    tweedledee16 Posts: 58 Member
    That pants pic is AMAZING! Congrats on all of your successes, both weight and anxiety! Bravo!
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