Today someone noticed my weight loss...

and I have to admit it made my day!

It was a gal I met at the pool a few months ago and we've talked a few times while sitting in the hot tub after our classes or laps.
Anyway, today when I got in she said to me: " I just have to tell you, you really look good! I can really tell you've lost weight. Your face looks so much thinner too".

Happy dance!

I still have 67 pounds until I meet my goal weight, but it sure is nice for someone to give you a compliment. Gives me a little nudge to keep at this hard work.


  • CariJean64
    CariJean64 Posts: 297 Member
    Wonderful! It's nice to not have to wait until you reach goal weight to get some positive reinforcement. :-)
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    That is a great NSV!
  • jenEphur
    jenEphur Posts: 33 Member
    Congrats! It's always great when other people start to notice. It definitely gives me motivation to keep going. :)
  • Limath
    Limath Posts: 89 Member
    Yay! Congrats!
  • FR89
    FR89 Posts: 186 Member
    That's an amazing feeling... and i CAN NOT wait till someone says that to me... it will take few months of dedication before that happens for me...:laugh:

    Well Done and keep up the good work... it's clearly paying off! :flowerforyou:
  • Beanogirl
    Beanogirl Posts: 97 Member
    Congratulations. It's a good feeling! :smile: