How do you really feel today?

MikeCrazy Posts: 2,716 Member
Like this?


  • Anahita_Swims
    Anahita_Swims Posts: 4,127 Member
    lazy but hyper at the same time...
  • Heather4nne
    Heather4nne Posts: 566 Member
    That sounds about right.

    With a little bit of :noway:
  • chelseascounter
    chelseascounter Posts: 1,283 Member
    Chill. It doesn't feel like Friday.
  • Derpes
    Derpes Posts: 2,033 Member
    I feel like a combination of sipping whiskey and white lightning....
  • Infamous_El_Guapo
    Infamous_El_Guapo Posts: 421 Member
    Usually with my hands.
  • _Tink_
    _Tink_ Posts: 3,845 Member
    Usually with my hands.

    I also feel with his hands.
  • MikeCrazy
    MikeCrazy Posts: 2,716 Member
    Usually with my hands.

    I also feel with his hands.

  • salembambi
    salembambi Posts: 5,592 Member

    pretty much
  • BigT555
    BigT555 Posts: 2,068 Member
    exhausted. last week of work at my placement for school is next week and i've been picking up extra hours at night with an old boss doing good ol fashioned manual labour after working from 7-330 to make a bit of extra cash before i move
  • Howdoyoufeeltoday
    Howdoyoufeeltoday Posts: 481 Member
    my username asks me that everytime I log on! :P Today I bought a **** load of poptarts so I feel pretty good!
  • amethyst7986
    amethyst7986 Posts: 223 Member
    overwhelmed! My only child starts junior high on Monday and I start school again on Tuesday evening.

    Funny though, I don't feel overwhelmed because of my schedule (work all day then school at night) but something about "Jr.High" that scares me! I know she will have a wonderful day but she struggled in elementary with her Dyslexia and now she will have to keep on track for 8 classes and 7 different teachers! I'm pretty sure every parent goes through this.....but I have to keep telling myself "she will be ok"
  • FrozenSongBird
    FrozenSongBird Posts: 3,892 Member
    Feeling alright ... happy its friday!
  • shellma00
    shellma00 Posts: 1,684 Member
    PUMPED!! Its Friday and my sons first High School football game!!! Of course, its only a scrimmage game, but still means the season is starting!!!
  • dhall2011
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  • MikeCrazy
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  • wolfsbayne
    wolfsbayne Posts: 3,116 Member
    Having a bad day emotionally. My husband passed a little over a month ago, one month after we married. Every day hits me differently. My son is moving to college on Sunday. I have too many emotions coursing through my body right now.
  • ChasingMyBliss
    ChasingMyBliss Posts: 803 Member
    Basically like this!!!