What are your top workout songs?



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  • michele89
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    I like to watch music videos as I work out:

    PSY- Hangover

    PSY- Gentleman

    Skrillex- Reptile

    The Mars Volta- Cerpin Taxt

    Black Eyed Peas- My Humps

    Black Eyed Peas- Dirty Bit

    Melt Yourself Down- Fix My Life

    Yamantaka // Sonic Titan- One

    Global Deejays- San Francisco

    Lil John- Turn Down For What

    Fischerspooner- ALL of their songs
  • rose228822
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    Anything from Five Finger Death Punch.

    Ditto on FFDP!!! And Godsmack!!
  • Ambeltz2016
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    I think that you have an AWESOME workout list. :smile:
  • Ambeltz2016
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    I actually have a lot of random songs on my ipod I shuffle through - some fast, some slow....just some of the ones that help keep me going are below...don't judge at my taste in music...lol

    Problem - Ariana Grande and Iggy Azaela
    Work B*tch - Britney Spears
    3 - Britney Spears
    Toxic - Britney Spears
    P.Y.T - Michael Jackson or the Glee cast version (I have both..lol)
    Run the World - Beyonce
    Freakum Dress - Beyonce
    808 remix - Blaque
    I will not Bow - Breaking Benjamin (really like all of theirs and have them all on my ipod)
    Sexy B*tch - David Guetta ft. Akon
    Booty Bounce - Dj Funk (Don't judge! lol..it has a good beat)
    Fast as you can - Fiona Apple
    Erotic City - George Clinton
    Diva - Glee cast or Beyonce
    The best I ever did - Godsmack
    Undead - Hollywood Undead
    California - Hollywood Undead
    Emergency - Paramore
    Smack my B*tch up - Prodigy
    When I grow up - *****cat Dolls
    Chop Suey - System of a Down
    Sugar - System of a down
    Why Wait - shakira

    I think you have an AWESOME workout playlist......sorry i forgot to quote you in my last post.