You better work B*tch



  • marquishagetaka
    it's not on my playlist, but I've seen the video, she need to dance more. LOL
  • lindainprogress
    lindainprogress Posts: 129 Member
    I put together a playlist and shuffle it for surprises. But, there are some mellow songs on there (ok for warm up) so I need to make a new one.

    But. I like older stuff and a variety...

    Vacation and our lips are sealed-go go's
    My best friends girl-cars
    Hey Julie- Fountains of Wayne
    New Sensation-inxs
    Stone in love-Journey
    Carry on wayward son - Kansas
    Hanging by the moment - Lifehouse
    All these things that I've done - Killers
    I melt with you - modern English
    Time for me to fly-reo speed wagon
    Under pressure-queen
    Come sail away - Styx
    Chasing cars-snow patrol
    good lord I was starting to feel old and uninformed, and then YOU came along! thanks. I will add I don't want your love and white lines- both from Duran Duran
  • Kakeslyn
    Kakeslyn Posts: 129 Member
    Danza Kuduro - Don Omar

    I was coming here to post this one! It's the one song that's always included in my workout playlist.
  • brightsideofpink
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    If you use Pandora, there are some premade stations that are pretty good.

    Sample playlists:
    Pop and Hiphop Power Workout (Iggy Azalea, Pitbull)
    Rap Strength Training (Eminem, JayZ, Lil Wayne)
    Hard Rock Strength Training (Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach- Hey, I didn't choose them)
    Pop Fitness (Katy Perry)
    Dance Cardio (there's where you'll find your Britney Spears)
    Classic Rock Power Workout (AC/DC, Guns N Roses)
    Spinning Radio- I listen to this one at work. Haven't tried it while working out yet.

    There's even Country Workout or 80's Cardio if either of those are your thing. And a few others. Just type workout in the search button for genre and they'll pop up.
  • WhatAnAss
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    When I'm lifting, I like hearing songs about the butt....

    Back that *kitten* Up by Juvenile
    *kitten* 'n Titties by DJ Assault
    Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-lot
    Pull Over by Trina

    ha ha I love this!!
  • Great_Mazinga
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    Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries.

    I feel like frickin' THOR riding a hurricane, then smahsing through a glacier.

    It gets my war face on. RARHHH!!
  • msnucerity
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    Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel - Tavares
    Boogie Wonderland - Earth, Wind & Fire
    Shake Your Groove Thang - Peaches & Herb

    (yup- this point in my fitness I'm all about funky disco)
  • jimmyalice1984
    jimmyalice1984 Posts: 171 Member
    I'm Focused Now by Ashanti :glasses:
  • omgitscharlie
    omgitscharlie Posts: 12 Member
    Stop Sign by Angelique Sabrina and Shontelle.

    Good rhythm and catchy lyrics. :)
  • ExRelaySprinter
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    If i'm on the Treadmill, i'll listen to UK Garage (not to everyones taste i know).
    But it somehow makes me Run faster.
  • Marilyn0924
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    One of my quick mixes on the elliptical, it's all over the place, and it changes constantly, sometimes more pop, other times I throw some metal into the mix if I'm feeling ornery. ;)

    warm up: Rock the Casbah - The Clash
    Song 2 - Blur
    Happy - Pharrel Williams
    work it!: Hit that perfect beat boy - Bronski Beat
    The Cry Forum - Mother Mother
    Gold Guns Girls - Metric
    Mr. Blue Sky - ELO
    Breathing Underwater - Metric
    Turn to Stone - ELO
    Synthetica - Metric
    cool down: Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
    More than a Feeling - Boston
    Jump in the Line - Harry Belafonte
  • Palamedes
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    I've been listening to some older stuff lately that I've been getting free from Amazon Prime. Some favorite tracks include:

    Holding Back the Years - Simply Red
    Into the Night - Santana featuring Chad Kroeger
    Smooth - Santana featuring Rob Thomas
    More Than a Feeling - Boston
    The Chain - Fleetwood Mac

    I listen to the entire albums, but these are some of my favorite tracks while zooming along on my bike.
  • Moriarty_697
    Moriarty_697 Posts: 226 Member
    Here are a few favourites:

    Aside by the Weakerthans (probably the most literary workout tune ever but a good one at a great tempo)
    Great Expectations by The Gaslight Anthem
    Holiday in Cambodia by The Dead Kennedys
    Bonzo Goes to Bitburg by The Ramones

    Some days, though, I'm I'm liable to just embrace my teenage metalhead roots and spend some quality time with Metallica's Master of Puppets. It's an acquired taste, for sure, but it gets the blood flowing.
  • kshadows
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    Running, I like pop-y, top 40ish stuff:

    Can't Hold Us - Macklemore
    Club Can't Handle Me - Flo Rida
    OMG - Usher
    Play Hard - David Guetta

    For lifting, it's more like rocking out.

    Anything Avenged Sevenfold
    Breaking Benjamin
    3 Days Grace
  • maizerage66
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    Du Hast - Rammstein
    The Only - Static X
    Marijuana - Yelawolf
    No One Gets Left Behind - Five Finger Death Punch
    Fire Fire - Heaven's Basement
    Enemy - Sevendust
    Black - Sevendust
    Move - Ludacris
  • ruffnstuff
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    Right now I'm a bit obsessed with Jenny Lewis's new album, Voyager, so I've been listening to the whole thing every lift session for the last month. She friggin' kicks *kitten* (but is legit messed up!).

    For cardio workouts I just need a fast beat.
  • krokador
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    Probably not your taste but I'll go with

    Digital Summer - Come On
  • SarahRuthRuns
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    Following. Need a new playlist desperately. Updating my music is on my to-do list. ;)

    Oh, and if I wanted a song to tell me to work I would likely choose Iggy Azalea's "Work" over Britney Spears. But that's just my preference.
  • msk3001
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    For me 80s hits work best :) Among my favorites: "Far from over" from Frank Stallone, "Never" from Michael Gore (I love seeing Kevin Bacon dance) and "(We dance) So close to the fire" from Tommy Faragher... More recent "This is how we do" from Katy Perry and "Burn it down" from Awolnation.
  • MyIrishSpirit
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    I put the complete discography for Rage Against the Machine on shuffle.