Looking for friends who have a lot to lose.

Hi I am Claire. I am 29 and live in New Zealand. I have a son that's turning 1 in July and want to lose another 8kg by then. I have a long way to go with nearly 50kg to lose still or 110lb. If you want to add me we can support each other along the way. Looking forward to meeting new people.


  • pdilippa
    pdilippa Posts: 6 Member
    Hi I have over 50kg to lose too. I'm in Australia. 40 and am 124.7kg at last weigh in. Happy to become friends on MFP. I have an open diary to friends although I do slip up now and then like most of us do..
  • beckm2022
    beckm2022 Posts: 298 Member
    I need to lose quite a bit. Friend request sent.
  • GenesisGurl211
    GenesisGurl211 Posts: 2 Member
    I have at least 100lbs to lose, could use a bit of encouragement and am pretty good at giving it. Friend me!
  • miz_ppyn
    miz_ppyn Posts: 118 Member
    i have alot to lose aswell friend request sent.
  • zombiesage
    zombiesage Posts: 38 Member
    I'm 28 and have the same amount to lose
  • NessaReh85
    NessaReh85 Posts: 140 Member
    I am also 29 and I have quite a bit to lose as well. About 50-80 lbs. Always looking for friends to help encourage!
  • karietate
    karietate Posts: 39 Member
    I'm 40 n have a ton to lose. Sending friend requests..good luck everyone :)
  • Justamom410
    Justamom410 Posts: 90 Member
    Hi! I'm 37, mom to one 5 year old little girl and want to lose 100 lbs. Feel free to add me...oh, and I have an open diary.
  • Hi, I'm 50 and need to lose about 53 lbs. Not only doing it for looks, but also for my overall health. You girls all seem so young and motivated. Ya'll can invite me as a friend. I'd love to keep in touch and see how you're doing!