Where you exercise or workout oftenly

Hey friends I want to know where you all workout most and which place you love more for workout
1. GYM


  • BrianSharpe
    BrianSharpe Posts: 9,248 Member
    Home (strength, rowing etc) Outside (running, biking)
  • MinnieInMaine
    MinnieInMaine Posts: 6,400 Member
    Outside would be my first choice but we have winter and I know I need to strength train so I hit the gym at least 2x per week. Home is my least favorite as choices are limited but I've got a few choices on hand to try to keep it interesting (DVDs, YouTube, printed workout ideas).
  • maroonmango211
    maroonmango211 Posts: 908 Member
    Home for strength, circuits, elliptical (when its crappy out) and outside for walking, running when its nice out and kids are either in stroller or taken care of. It's not that I "wouldn't" start going to a gym we just live in a small town and the closest one is a good 45 minute drive with no childcare.
  • maasha81
    maasha81 Posts: 733 Member
    Home - I do a myriad of workout DVDs both cardio and strength based. Most convenient for my lifestyle.
  • dbmata
    dbmata Posts: 12,950 Member
  • gingerpeachy6
    gingerpeachy6 Posts: 74 Member
    Home. I used to go tot he gym, but where I live there are a lot of storms and it's easy to make an excuse not to go when the weather is bad.
  • Mexicanbigfoot
    Mexicanbigfoot Posts: 520 Member

    I have made more progress since I gave up my gym membership and started working out at home exclusively.

    I turned one of my spare bedrooms into a home gym, I love it.
  • Need2Exerc1se
    Need2Exerc1se Posts: 13,575 Member
    I haven't been exercising enough anywhere, which is why I am here. But my favorite is outside - hiking, riding my bike, shooting hoops.

    But, I am about to start a DVD workout program, so I hopefully I will do that often at Home.
  • wkwebby
    wkwebby Posts: 807 Member
    Gym, I pay for it, and I'm too cheap to not go (because I pay for it). It is a guilt thing. I would love to stay home, but it is just too easy for me to play lazy and cut out the extra stuff that I do and start doing something else. Outside is good, but I only run outside. Longer runs are great outside though. It makes the miles fly by.
  • jrline
    jrline Posts: 2,353 Member
    Outside jogging and Home bench and weights

  • MeanderingMammal
    MeanderingMammal Posts: 7,866 Member
    Outside: Running, cycling, resistance training
    Home: Rowing
    Pool: Swimming
  • Moriarty_697
    Moriarty_697 Posts: 226 Member
    I'm a fan of outside. I've done a gym before but it always felt more like a necessary evil rather than something to like. As for home, I've got a set of Power Blocks that need to get used more often.
  • higgins8283801
    higgins8283801 Posts: 844 Member
    Home: elliptical, DVDs, weighted ball and my dumbbells

    Outside:walking. Will start running in a week or so.
  • ShibaEars
    ShibaEars Posts: 3,928 Member
    I usually only workout at the gym. It has a track for running, and other equipment (weights, medicine balls, battle ropes- stuff I don't have access to at home). I also find having other people around can help motivate me to work harder.

    I have the Insanity discs at home, and I've done the whole program once, but most of the time I have a hard time getting motivated to workout at home (I mean, the couch is RIGHT THERE :laugh: )

    Aside from walking my dog, I never workout outside. I don't like running outside at all, and we have long cold winters, so that takes out about 6-8 months of the year (I wish I was exaggerating lol). And then when summer does arrive, I have a hard time exercising in the heat.
  • Shock_Wave
    Shock_Wave Posts: 1,573 Member
    gym. I get motivated by everyone in there trying to kick *kitten* so in turn I want to kick *kitten*.
  • aarnwine2013
    aarnwine2013 Posts: 317 Member
    I have a home gym and I run and walk outside. We have a lovely area that is right next to my house. It's great because I don't have to drive to go run.
  • katysmelly
    katysmelly Posts: 380 Member
    Gym for strength training and more intense cardio. Outside for hill walking.
  • 12by311
    12by311 Posts: 1,716 Member
    lifting: the high school field house where I work. (also HIITs that involve running stadiums and all that)

    running: outside

    No other choice...sprints, stuff with a 25 lbs slam ball, treadmill, or online workouts: home.
  • Veil5577
    Veil5577 Posts: 868 Member
    Outside. Even in winter.