Success is Only the Beginning

I'm a mother of two incredible little boys, a wife, a daughter, first and foremost. Both of my kids have names inspired by video game or comic book characters. They are my world.
I started gaining weight after high school. I lost motivation, hit a deep depression, and kind of shelled myself away.

One of my major motivations to get in shape was to have the energy to play with my kids. The other was for my entire life, I followed. My entire life, I sat back and admired superheroes and athletes, afraid of the courage and determination it took to say "this is who I am now and I will not back down." I've always had great ideas but lacked the will to power through those words to create action.

June of last year, I followed through.

Instead of playing the "good food, bad food" song and dance I did the first time I lost weight, I learned about iifym and weightlifting, balancing my nutrient intake while still fitting in things I love. Picked a sustainable deficit. Took it slow and steady because progress IS progress.

I think the most important thing that's helped me be successful this time is patience.

I finally understand that it wasn't the end of the road when I hit my goal. My goal isn't a number. My goal isn't a destination
.Instead, I vow to spend my whole life fighting and improving myself. Most of that is emotionally. To be a good mother, a good person, to be healthy...These are the things that make me whole.

I lost 53 lbs in 9 months, eating 1650 net for a majority of my weight loss. I fell in love with the barbell. I dedicated my free time to it and grew from it. Learned how to love myself for who I was without caving in or backing down.


Starting weight- 170 lbs after my 6 week postpartum check up. Topped out at 190 lbs before having my 9 lb 4 oz second child.
Current weight- 120 lbs

I'm stronger today not because of my lifting numbers or my measurements. These things are simple gauges of progress but in no way define me. I'm who I am today because I found that fire within to know that I only fail when I give up. I will have days I stumble, days I don't want to train or log. But I will always have that spark inside to keep doing what I'm doing now and never giving up.

Your success story is only the beginning. Small steps on the path of life. They're huge mental barriers but that pivotal moment can change your life forever. Here's to a life fulfilled!



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