Sweating After a Run



  • lipglossjunky73
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    I have learned to embrace this as a runner. You can't stop sweat.

    My problem is I am freezing after a hard run - even if it is warm out!
  • Sweet_Pandora
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    From all of the replies, I think that my 5 minute walk cool down is not enough for lunch time runs as I don't have this problem when I run at home and don't hit the shower immediately.

    I drink water while I am running and take a cool shower as well. I even open my coat while walking back to work.

    I will try the cold washcloth on the back of the neck, we do that for my daughter during soccer season when it's extremelly hot.

    Thanks for the replies.

  • jdchayer
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    I use baby powder after I shower. It isn't 100% effective, but does seem to help quite a bit.
  • ninerbuff
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    Your core temp is still elevated. Not uncommon as you get fitter. Don't get dehydrated. You'll have to just experiment and see what may work best for you.

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  • bcnieto
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    I have the same problem. Ran a 5k around 6, came home drank water, jumped in the show, around 8 My sweating was tapering off. It seems to be getting worse and it would happen occasionally the last couple of years. Ive gained about 10 pounds but always maintained my cardio so its not from exertion, not from my drinking habit, not a potassium or iron deficiency. Its beginning to affect my life and thought making sure my heart rate is down before I shower and still sweating. If anyone followed up with a Dr's appointment I would really like to know what was suggested and save myself the copay. Thanks :)
  • FindingAmy77
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    sweating is your body trying to regulate the internal temp. drink lots of ice water as well as a cold shower. and walk slower back to work. wear a workout undershirt so the it absorbs the sweat too. at least if you do this, the sweat stays in place instead of rolling down the back. all I got for you. sweat is fat crying.. I went through this for a while.. now its hard to get my sweat on so be thankful.
  • Muddy_Yogi
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    Cold showers help this.
  • AglaeaC
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    I just came back from the gym, ran 5 km on the TM, showered and walked back to my office, a 10 minute walk.

    It's been an hour since I got off the TM and the sweat is still rolling down my back!

    This has just started happening in the past few weeks.

    I know sweating is the way your body cools itself down but this is crazy. My dress is soaked down the back and then I get chilled.

    Any ideas?


    Is the only change the fact that you're profusely sweating all of a sudden? Did you change your exercise routine up somehow? Have you been approximately as fit a month or two ago?