Pack for lunch?



  • keefmac
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    Leftovers from dinner (make two meals out of 1), ham and onion filled pita breads (toast, tuna with 2 chopped tomatos/ half an onion/ coriander/ chilli seeds, chicken breast and jalapeño wraps.
  • ivygirl1937
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    Wow, I wasn't expecting such an amazing response, thank you all! I'm saving this thread and I think I'm going to try a little bit of all of these and see what works, they all sound wonderful!! I appreciate it so much! :):)
  • ivygirl1937
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    I noticed a lot of you suggested hummus. I've never tried it, what is a good flavor to try?
  • justlistening
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    My favorite is roasted garlic with carrot sticks. I would go with a flavor that you usually like.
  • aNewMiniMe
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    I try to set aside a portion from dinner (before we begin eating) for my lunch the next day, if it packs easily. Sometimes I use Weight Watcher's meals. When I don't have any of those I use the low cal/high fiber European Bread Rounds and make a turkey and cheese sandwich with a piece of fruit, low fat yogurt and my diet soda. I am not one to want salads every day for lunch. They just don't fill me up enough.