What do you do with old clothes?



  • andy13
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    I'm going to make an effigy of my old self then set fire to it and take a selfie with my fat past burning behind me.
  • I know what you mean. I still have my Marine Corp Ball gown from 1977, that I purchased in the Philippines.
  • Josalinn
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    Try the box method - if you put it in a box and you don't miss it in a year, donate it. If you had to pull it out because you wanted it, keep it.

    ETA: Wait a year because then you're sure you've experienced all the seasons and you're not just throwing out your winter stuff in the middle of summer when you're feeling like you don't need it.

    ETA2: I'm going to get a couple of items tailored since I still love them. And also... my mom told me to keep my fat clothes so that I don't have to buy maternity clothes when that time comes. Smart woman, that one.

    I did this when i got too fat for my clothes. But I am lazy and have yet to donate them. So now I am hoping I might fit into them in a few more pounds :laugh:
  • callas444
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    Definitely get rid of them or you're subconsciously giving yourself permission to regain what you've lost. The exception to that would be the last size before your goal, as many people find it difficult/impossible to stay at your ultimate goal. (Plus we all have those bloaty fat days.)
  • BekaBooluvsu
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    I've been super morbidly obese for 18 years. I just used my sewing machine and either took them in or made new clothes out of my old ones. Really ugly clothes I just threw away. Good clothes I never wore and hated got donated. :drinker:
  • BekaBooluvsu
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    Donate to charity - I'm not going back.

    I have kept one pair of jeans though, just in case I start to forget what it was like.
    This too!
  • iwilldoit2018
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    Donate and get rid of them. I did not want a safety net.
  • fatnutjob
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    I'm Asian so I keep my Asian clothes just because they're crazy expensive. They're really easy to tailor so I do that myself.

    With my other clothes, I've given most of my old stuff to charity but I keep my favourites even though they're a little big for me. Big clothes on small people look good depending on how they're worn so it's no problem.
  • joepage612
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    i wear all my old clothes but now i use a belt on the tightest narrowest hole setting. and my shirts hang on me and have no shape.
  • SerendipitySkye
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    As I grow out of them, I will donate them to Goodwill. I do not want to keep them; I refuse to ever fit them again. :smile:
  • asia1967
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    Donate to charity - I'm not going back.

    I have kept one pair of jeans though, just in case I start to forget what it was like.

    ^^^This 1000x
  • Denisebar
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    I donate and pray,pray I will never wish I had kept them.
  • Denisebar
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    I tried that and had to buy new clothes in the larger size again. Hopefull with y'all to help I won't do that again. I gained 100 lbs back. D-:

    This is me ,but please never again!
  • MeganZeman
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    Thanks everyone! I think we are all going to go through our clothes this weekend. I'll make a box of stuff that is clearly too large(most likely consisting of those awkward "oh I had a baby a while ago.... but I can't bear to wear maternity pants any longer" clothes) then send it on its merry way.
  • cheripugh1
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    Donate and as soon as they are too baggy to look right I give them away... almost everything I had is gone now and I have replaced it with about 1/3 of things because these too will be gone in a couple months.... If you keep them you are setting yourself up to grow back into them or at least in my opinion and I vote no on that one!
  • Broejen
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    I either sell or donate. I keep one pair of jeans though to remind myself of where I came from.
  • zoeysasha37
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    Now, I have a closet full of clothes that actually fit. Which is a big deal for me, as I used to have size 14 down to size 4 . I donated everything that didn't fit anymore :-)
  • This is gunna make me sound HORRIBLE, but it's the truth. :indifferent:

    I do NOT get along with my little sister (she's 23, I'm 29), literally, not at all. :grumble:

    She's around a size 22/24. I'm rocking a 14/16 (or even a loose 10/12 at some stores!). :drinker:

    Anyways, I boxed up all my larger-er-er sized clothing and mailed it to her....from my mothers address, so she'd think my mother went shopping at the consignment shop for her. :indifferent:
  • honey_tequila
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    I donate them almost immediately once I've shrunk out of them. I don't want to see them anymore, and I don't ever want to fit in them again :)
  • happyfeetrebel1
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    I donate them, and then turn around and buy new stuff at the same place. Everyone wins :)