How do you take your coffee?



  • indnile321
    indnile321 Posts: 13 Member
    I brew dunkin's in my good ol Mr. Coffee. I mix skim milk and Fat Free land o lakes half & half. I use Truvia (stevia) for sweetener.
  • It depends what kind of coffee I have at home. If I have higher quality beans, I drink it black. If I have lower quality beans (like I do at the moment -- Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla Beans and Starbucks French Roast), then I usually put a splash of Vanilla-flavored creamer in it. Or sometimes milk and a little sugar.
  • pander101
    pander101 Posts: 677 Member
    I use any medium-dark roast k-cup and make about 24oz. Add 6tbsp of sugar free italian sweet cream coffeemate and liquid stevia.
  • catb58
    catb58 Posts: 239 Member
    Medium or dark roast with a tablespoon (or 2) of dark chocolate almond milk.
  • WhoWasGivenToFly
    WhoWasGivenToFly Posts: 64 Member
    freshly brewed coffee mixed in my magic bullet with 1 teaspoon coconut, 1 pack splenda, and vanilla soy milk.

    Mix well, the coconut oil makes a nice foam on the coffee
  • AlessisMore
    AlessisMore Posts: 179 Member
    A good dark roast with a little half & half. I drink it all day!
  • akshngrl
    akshngrl Posts: 27 Member
    I found a recipe online for homemade chocolate syrup that is very easy and fun to make. I love a heaping spoon of that plus coffee and low- or non-fat milk. Once I kick my sugar addiction I would love eliminate the chocolate syrup. Goals!
  • ukaryote
    ukaryote Posts: 874 Member

    But it disturbed the coworkers so now I use a cup.
  • Tea_Mistress
    Tea_Mistress Posts: 105 Member
    Usually black, recently a couple spoons of sugar and coffee mate mmm
  • just4nessa
    just4nessa Posts: 459 Member
    medium roast k-cup with 1 splenda and 1 tsp fat free half-n-half (for a happy tummy)
  • bigmac2054
    bigmac2054 Posts: 228 Member
    sugar in the raw and cream. I drink coffee all day long too :)
  • amberkeever1
    amberkeever1 Posts: 34 Member
    A splash of organic cream and a teaspoon of coconut sugar :) when I want to be fancy I add a tablespoon of coconut oil and a dash of cinnamon and blend to make a latte.
  • gary241069
    gary241069 Posts: 255 Member
    Personally. I take my coffee in a cup.
  • Black! And not even for health reasons. It's just sooooo delicious.
  • ilfaith
    ilfaith Posts: 16,768 Member
    First cup of the day must have milk (never cream, half & half, or any sort of creamer)...anything from skim to whole is fine, but 2% is my favorite. After that I can drink it black.

    I never sweeten hot coffee, but usually add a Splenda to iced coffee (which I prefer with milk, but can drink without).
  • LoneWolfRunner
    LoneWolfRunner Posts: 1,160 Member
    Organic fair-trade -- black
  • 20yearsyounger
    20yearsyounger Posts: 1,643 Member
    Something I like that doesn't make a dent in my caloric limits? Used to be a café mocha person. I learned to drink black.
  • ilenewilliams
    ilenewilliams Posts: 48 Member
    Usually strong and black and fresh. I can't stand it if it has been sitting in the pot. I occasionally put some half and half in coffee to switch it up. I drink about 10 cups a day so no more then 1 or 2 with half and half.
  • It took a bit of weaning, but I was able to decrease my coffee from 2 sugar / 2 cream, down to just straight black. Now if cream or sugar are added, I don't even enjoy the taste! lol.
  • GingerLolita
    GingerLolita Posts: 738 Member
    2 shots of espresso with 1.5 cups of unsweetened vanilla almond milk