Day 2 and I want to quit already

This is another one of the million times I've tried loosing weight. I've tried pretty much everything, this is my 2nd time trying MFP. I logged my food yesterday and went over a little bit. Today I thought I would do better, I have been trying to cut carbs and eat more protein. I have done so well today but I am so ridiculously hungry! I have drank so much water all day, doesn't help. I JUST WANT TO EAT!! How can I deal with this feeling everyday, it doesn't seem like it's something I can do! How do you get past this? Does it get better?


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    It will get better. The extreme hunger only last for the first few days (about 3 for me). Soon you will get into the swing of logging all your food and feeling better with the decrease in calories. Just try to keep yourself busy and out of the kitchen. Workout, go shopping...anything to keep your mind off the food!!
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    My guess is you're at a larger deficit than is realistic for you. Did you choose a 2 pound per week weight loss goal? If so, try cutting it to 1. You need to find a way that you can stick with it.
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    I have learned, through MANY attempts at this, to take it slow and steady. I eat three meals and 2-3 snacks a day (all within my calorie limit), which means I am eating about every 2 hours to keep myself from ever feeling so hungry I would want to give in. I try to have at least a little protein with each meal/snack, which helps with the hunger issue too.

    I also try to exercise 6 days a week. I have built up from 15 minutes a day to 40. The exercise helps me in many ways; one of my favorites is that I get to eat a little more!!!:wink:

    What is your calorie goal set at? If you are constantly hungry, it may be set too low for right now.
  • Heeeey Mlyn627,

    I completely understand how you feel... Its really hard trying not to eat and eat all day. So here is some advice that I hope really works for you! first I do juicing and I make a batch for the week when I feel like i am hungry or want a snack I drink my juice and not just any juice but GREEN JUICE... I am working on just doing kale but i can't stomach that lol so i found some that have more veggies... Honestly I take it one day at a time and I really remind myself on why I am doing it.
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    Let me guess....1200 calories?
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    What Athena said its much better to start at 1lb and go from there so your not starving yourself hell if you even need to cut it to 1/2lb and start from there then do so ANY progress is good progress start from a lower pound per week loss and go from there and once your comfortable eating at that ratio gradually bump it back up it will work wonders. Green numbers are always good motivators
  • What is your calorie goal set at? When I was feeling like that I bumped mine up 100 calories and it made all the difference. Also, if you exercise you get extra calories. :wink:
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    ditto athena.
    don't cut your calories so drastically. the important thing is to stick with something and if you are starving and depriving you'll be back to old ways in no time.
    how tall are you and what is your current weight and what is your calories in MFP set at?

    also consider the other side of it, are you really physically hungry or is just the idea of being on a diet and deprived making you hungry? you need to start having an awareness between physical and emotional hunger. learning this early will save you a lot of pain in the long run because it takes a lot of practice and sometimes thats only 1/2 the battle.
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    I seen a meme today on Pinterest under motivation. It said : Some quit due to slow progress. Never grasping the fact that slow progress..... is progress. Hang in there :)
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    Let me guess....1200 calories?

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    How tall are you and your weight+age? What amount of cals are you trying to eat and how much exercise are you getting?
    You may be at too high of a deficit. You can reset your goal to lose at say, .5 to a pound a week, which will be slow, but you'll have more calories available.
    If the deficit is not the problem, then try to up your protein and fiber to feel full. It would be helpful if we look at your food diary.
    Also, if you've gotten used to eating quite a bit, then eating much less WILL be an adjustment. I've found that at first, I couldn't imagine eating so "little" but now, I'm wondering how I ate SO MUCH. its all about your perspective. Things that I would have easily eaten before now really make me uncomfortably full while eating less than what I would have eaten.
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    I agree that maybe you need to increase your allowed calories for now. I had mine set for a 2 pound weight loss the first few times I tried MFP, which kept me at around 1500 calories. I couldn't do that, I switched it to a 1.5 pound loss and am now eating almost 1800 calories a day. Those few hundred calories have helped a bunch and I'm still losing weight!

    Another thing I would say is to give it time. Distract yourself from food. Come up with new activities or do things you love. I get days when I feel unusually hungry but I either snack on low calorie things or I live with it. But you shouldn't be so hungry all the time, at least not after a few days. You do need time to adjust to the changes but maybe just try smaller changes? You have to really want to do this, and commit to finding healthier solutions that you live with for the rest of your life.
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    A couple of things: First you say this is day 2 but your ticker says you have lost 2 lbs. If you lost 2 lbs yesterday - that could be the reason you are starving. Make sure you are eating at/or above the calorie level recommended by MFP to lose 2 lbs. a week. If you have less than 25 to lose - move it to 1 lb. per week.

    Next - there is no quitting - this isn't a diet. This is a healthy eating/healthy living plan. What you do today and this week needs to be/lead to a sustainable lifestyle. I know it sounds strange - but under eating now won't help the weight come off and stay off in the long run...because you will be back starting over again in a few weeks or few months.

    Next - make sure your "starving" is physical and not mental. Best gauge for me - when my stomach growls, I'm hungry. If it's not growling it's not time to eat. Learn to listen to your body and not your mental mind set of it's lunch time, dinner time, I ate less for lunch so I'm starving, etc.

    Open your diary if you want specific help - it really will lead to better suggestions.
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    Add some friends on here.. Some good ones... I personally found that MFP didn't work for me so I went back to Weight Watchers.... BUT I still login to MFP daily because of my Great Motivating Supporting friends that I have on here... So I do the WW points and log food on there but log weight and exercise on here too.

    BUT for MANY people MFP works.. I think for me I really need someone else to weigh me in.

    There are probably a million things you can do like eat more calories by setting your diary to only lose .5 a week instead of 1 or 2 pounds , Exercise more, Eat more dense foods like fruits and veggies etc..

    All of those things are the obvious choices... BUT making good "friends" on here goes a lot farther if you ask me :)

    Good luck to you in this journey. And feel free to friend me if you would like.
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    Thank you for all the replies!

    I am 5'4 230lb 40 yo. I set my goal to be 1.5 and my calories are at 1370. I have been trying to get protein in but I'm probably blowing it! I guess I am so used to eating whatever, whenever I want that it's a shock to my system. I haven't exercised yet, last time I tried my knees hurt and I just honestly haven't wanted to again...yet.
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    Thank you for all the replies!

    I am 5'4 230lb 40 yo. I set my goal to be 1.5 and my calories are at 1370. I have been trying to get protein in but I'm probably blowing it! I guess I am so used to eating whatever, whenever I want that it's a shock to my system. I haven't exercised yet, last time I tried my knees hurt and I just honestly haven't wanted to again...yet.
    so don't work out yet.
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    When you reduce carbs, you need to increase fat intake to give energy.
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    i am 5'4" as well and was 255 pounds, currently 200.

    you could eat at 1800 calories/day and lose weight in the beginning. i would start there until you;re acclimated with this new plan. and #1 thing. don't deprive yourself. don't stress yourself out with the nutritional details just yet. just get 1800 cal/day under you belt the next couple of weeks no matter the foods. THEN start incorporating WHAT you're eating and start looking at nutrition.
    forget the exercise for now if its too much, that will come with time and weightloss.
    its too overwhelming to do it all at once for some people. and if you are about to quit on day 2 i highly recommend to go with my suggestion.

    good luck!
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    Then up your calories! Your TDEE at a sedentary activity level is around 2040. Subtract 20% off of that for weight loss and you could be eating around 1600 per day and still lose weight.

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    I am 5'4 230lb 40 yo. I set my goal to be 1.5 and my calories are at 1370.
    Too low! Too low, I say. I wouldn't trust the MFP calculator, sorry. For your stats I would recommend 1700-1800. (IMO) And I personally believe "protein satisfies hunger" is a myth. Eat what you like.