5'4-5'6 girls!



  • cursivepulse
    cursivepulse Posts: 22 Member
    I am 5'4 and my current weight is 135. I'm on the lower end of a medium frame and would like to be about 115-120(and then start to build muscles, so I don't know what my actual end goal weight is). With my body composition I look pretty good at 120 but I would like to start building muscle and know that usually comes with at least a little bit of fat gain.
  • cherryblossombabe
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    I am 5'5, 22 years old.

    CW: 14stone 13lbs
    GW: 11 stone
  • spectralmoon
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    I'm 5'4 and weight around 145.

    I personally think 115 is a bit much for someone your height. When I was 128 I was too skinny. You're life, do what you want.

    Definitely depends on build. On a personal note, I was 116 at high school grad and wasn't defined as "skinny" or "bones" to anyone.

    I'm 5'5" and 30 years old (don't tell anyone).

    SW: 170.5
    CW: 132
    GW: 118
  • RedfootDaddy
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    5'5 here, 27. I actually carry my weight pretty well for my size, but I'm starting to develop more and more of belly that's making me go pearshaped.

    CW: 315lbs
    GW: 200 lbs and able to run a 5k.
    UGW: 175-180 lbs
  • Seraffyn
    I'm just getting started again.

    47 years old
    CW: 209
    GW: 140
  • WildOkapi
    CW: 150 lbs
    GW: 130 lbs

    GW subject to change to 120 if I can figure out what my lean body weight really is. It's either 100 or 110, depending on formula.
  • harlanJEN
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    These threads are always kinda sad for me .... The #s. And! It always shows that body composition is so different for everyone. Take 10 random 5'4 women @ "x" amount of pounds & they will look diff. I cannot imagine weighing 115. My body comp is such that I'd have to lose a limb. I have more than 115 lbs of fat free mass.

    SW 236
    CW 165
    GW 165

    SW: Size XXL semi-fitted yoga pants
    CW: Size S semi-fitted yoga pants

    Strength training. Best decision EVER. started lifting @ 230 & still lifting heavy now

    Oh yea - age 51 today
  • BadWolf_Rose
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    I'm just about 5'6"

    SW: 172
    CW: 152
    GW: 145
    GW #2 : 135
    UGW: 125

    After getting sick and on steroids, I have been up to 180, but when I really started this, I was at 172.
    I hovered around 103-115 in high school, and I think that was far too little for my frame. I'd be happy to be down in the 130s though.
  • strutdivastrut
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  • paiger415

    SW: 135
  • bangbangchoochootrain
    SW: 206
    CW: 190
    GW: 135...?

    It's so interesting to see how many people's lowest rememberable healthy weights were in high school. Mine was definitely the same. I was maybe 126 when I was 11 and hadn't started puberty quite yet, and I came in at a juniors size 5 I believe. At the 150s playing competitive volleyball, I was a size 9-10 at that was at 14. Now I'm taller, have finished puberty, and have been wearing a size 12 for three years, even as my weight creeps up. I'm curious to see if I am truly larger boned, and whether or not my goal weight looks good for me. I really hope it does!
  • college_girl91
    I'm 5'4"!
    My SW was 145 and my CW is ~138.
    My goal weight is between 115-120 :)
  • larsensue
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    Height: 5'4.5"
    SW: 140
    CW: 138
    GW: 120 - 125
    age: 44
  • marisas80
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    Height: 5'5ish
    Age: 34
    SW: 185
    CW: 138ish (I don't weigh regularly)
    GW: 135 (I was this last year, gained 10 pounds over the holidays and still haven't gotten it all off)
    GW2: 125-130

    I've stopped weighing myself because I really just want to focus on lowering my body fat%.
    CBF% 27 (from August 8th)
    GBF% 20-22
  • arrrrjt
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    You can do it! I went from not being able to jog for a minute (at 245), and could run a 5k after only losing 15 pounds! Your goal may be closer than you think!

    I LOVE seeing the incredible losses from everyone here. I can't even remember when I was anywhere close to my goal weight. I graduated high school around 160 probably; I was always a bigger girl with huge quads from riding. It makes me super excited to think of how fit I'll be when I shed more weight, because I'm definitely at my most fit (in a long time) as I've ever been.

    ETA - that was supposed to be to dbeaut!
  • Markdjones83
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    *browses thread*
  • wvtracyann
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    5' 4"

    CW 142
    GW 125
  • tbranch3634
    SW 250
    CW 180
    GW 150
  • vicbre2010
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    I'm not 5 feet 4 to 5 feet 6 but would like to post my goal anyway.

    5 feet 3
    CW- 172
    GW- 120 to 130 depending on how I look
  • HealthyBodySickMind
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    29 y.o. 5' 4.75"

    I have a beautiful 7 month old daughter.

    3 days before I delivered her I weighed 146 lbs, and that was after putting on a good amount of weight with the pregnancy.

    I spent about 1.5 years before trying to conceive lifting weights, eating at a surplus, and putting on weight so I wouldn't start my pregnancy underweight. I put on about 8 lbs in preparation for pregnancy. During pregnancy, I lost muscle (I lifted some, but not enough to maintain what I had) and gained fat, so my body composition is very different from what it was.

    I'm currently sitting at 119 lbs and still slowly losing. I've also picked my lifting back up. I guess my goal is to get to my prepregnancy measurements.

    So the goal is 34" - 24" - 34" With my current LBM that would probably be around 111 lbs, but since I'm back to lifting, I'm guessing I'll hit those measurements around 114 lbs.

    That was probably a little too in depth, but just throwing the weights out there doesn't really tell the whole story with body composition.