Question for ex alcohol addicts



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    I've never been a drinker, but my oldest son is a recovering alcoholic, 3 and 1/2 yrs sober. His answer is AA, but it's not for everyone.

    Anyway, you're still in the very early period of your body and brain getting used to no alcohol. You sound like a very smart guy with a real desire to stay sober. Do you exercise? It is so helpful to many with depression. That is something I have dealt with and I can honestly tell you that the more I exercise the better my mood is. Some days I had zero motivation to get out of bed, but I forced myself and once I was moving (I swim) I could feel the motivation seep into me.

    You can do this, it just takes time and a LOT of effort.

    I quit smoking a 3 pack a day habit about 4 months ago. Since I was so focused on losing weight and getting fit it just didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. Again, I think the exercise is key to my success so far.

    Best of luck to you. :)
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    I exercise ???? i work as a volunteer fitness instructor at a community gym, haha how ironic that even though i know alot about exercising and nutricion i totally screwed up myself but yeah, have started exercising seriously again when i quited smoking, i also have the key to the gym so can always workout.

    Im typing this at 2:45am btw because this is the first night i can't catch my sleep ???? hopefully there not gonna be alot of nights like this.

    I also have alot of days when i dont want to do anything, then i feel absolutely misereable and have a lack of energie and motivation, once im in the gym i am ok but before or after, ugh. Still hoping this is all temporary.
  • its definitely temporary. You've got this :) I was a nightmare when I quit -- literally f*cking insane lol. Ahhh memories.
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    Often your seratonin levels need to fix themselves, so of course there is a phase of depression after quitting drinking. Your endorphins have nothing to do (or so it feels). This takes time for the brain to adjust. The boredom is normal as well, and it was probably something you struggled to deal with. Basically the answer does come down to finding other hobbies to do. Start with something small, like just reading a few pages of a magazine or book. Make time to watch a movie every day, go for a walk, listen to music. The list can go on and on!

    What you are going through is normal. It is referred to as P.A.W.S. Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms.
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    Hi my name is Valerie and I'm an addict. Congrats on your two weeks.

    was at a friends 15 year anniversary and I was sitting there bored and taking inventory. I get like that sometimes, but then I saw some people that I really like, people I've met because of recovery and that makes it all better. I still, still am so happy that I haven't used or drank in 3 years, 6 months and 27 days.

    It's tough in the beginning. If you have a job it's good, but you just have to give it time. I really suggest going to meetings. I haven't read the rest of the responses but in the beginning, it's a good idea cuz it's a daily reminder of your decision to quit.

    just don't drink for one more day. I heard some guy share on Friday about "I won't drink today; I will wait until tomorrow....but tomorrow never comes." He had to do that for a while until he felt better.

    Stay strong. If you can work out, do it. Do anything but don't pick up. Well, not ANYTHING haha you know what I mean.
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    So they say the more you drink the more you get depressed.

    I've been clean almost 2 weeks but it is really frikking depressing without.

    I find life so boring, reality is boring, the world is evil i don't like it at all. Now in the past i would start again but im holding my own but how did you guys cope with it?

    Alot of peeps say, find things to do, but even then i find those things boring and me quitting smoking doesn't add to my mood either atm.
    And about the boring stuff. Reality is what it is. The world IS evil but there are some good things about it. Being drunk takes your focus off the boring bad stuff, but think about this...YOU become the bad and boring stuff when you're drunk! Maybe you're not a bad drunk now, I don't know your story, but it always ends up could take years or months but it will get worse if you keep drinking.

    Things will get better, maybe not this week, but they will. You just have to get through the holidays and you may be better. 90 days, just give it 90 days.
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    ps: Greg, your photo reminds me of Alan Harper(Jon Cryer) :D

    Had to Google Jon Cryer - I guess that's a compliment, so thanks very much!

    Every blessing with your efforts to stay dry.

    I love Jon Cryer.
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    Just a few small suggestions to try.

    Look into 5HTP. Natural amino acid supplement that has helped many with depression, mood swings, insomnia. I am taking it myself.

    Also, for distraction, look into something online called Second Life. I found that a great escape from reality when I was in there a lot, it is a virtual reality where you can create things, meet people, go to live concerts, dance, swim, ski, party and just about anything else you can think of.
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    find things to do, but even then i find those things boring

    Find fun things to do!

    Have you tried the Battlefield Diet? It's where you get so addicted to Battlefield 2 (well, it was 2 at the time) that you forget to eat. Or in your case, drink.
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    I tried AA way before I stopped drinking. I thought it was not for me, but it was because I was not ready.

    When I actually stopped drinking I did not go to AA for a few weeks either, I did not think it was for me. I got sick and tired of being so upset and depressed. It was like l got out of an abusive relationship, you would think I was happy but I missed my abusive lover and was depressed "because I loved him".

    I found happiness in the rooms of AA, but it was not at all right away. It took 90 days before the obsession of alcohol was lifted. Then it took another 9 months before I was able to have normal people fun.

    Now I am 7 years sober and can honestly say AA and working the steps was the best thing I ever did in my life. I would beg you to honestly reconsider giving AA another try, a real, lets try this and get serious try. Make some friends, get a sponsor and work the steps.

    If anything, go to a few meetings, get some phone numbers of guys and give them a call. Now in saying that, we need to remember that we are all sick and suffering, some more than others. There are some people that come into the rooms and replace their drinking addiction with a meeting addiction. We are here to share our experience strength and hope, not boss anyone around and tell them what to do. It has been my experience that when I start getting involved with people that want to boss me around and tell me what I should be doingI back away from those people.

    Find someone that has what you want and ask them how they did it.,.....see how it goes............but if you are honestly ready to get sober and stay sober, and be happy about it, please, I beg of you to give AA a serious chance.