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  • disneygirl626
    disneygirl626 Posts: 132 Member
    Anyone is welcome to add me. I'm pretty active on the site and I'm looking for someone to hold me accountable for working out. I'll gladly return the favor. :)
  • Hi there,
    Add me if you'd like to.. I just passed 1 year here on mfp.. I log daily and my diary is open to my friends.. Would be great to add a few new friends to help support and get their support as well !!!
  • Hi everyone :) I'm new to this as of today. My name's Keira :D Hoping to find some friends to help motivate each other :) Feel free to add me, still working it all out!
  • Brolympus
    Brolympus Posts: 360 Member
    Feel free to add. I post regularly. My goals are weight training oriented and getting bigger as opposed to weight loss, but we are all here for fitness in one sense or another.
  • GrandmaJackee
    GrandmaJackee Posts: 46 Member
    Anyone can add me, I am on every day.
  • Mizzy58
    Mizzy58 Posts: 47 Member
    You can add me. I'm restarting my forever journey.
  • lisanangel
    lisanangel Posts: 148 Member
    Hi feel free to add me I'm on daily my name is Lisa. You can do it
  • Thanks everyone for such a warm welcome and all the support. Feel free to add me. Thanks!