What's your win of the week?

Mine has been throwing out the pants I had to buy when I was getting too fat. They were officially too big and looked terrible on me. Threw them out so there's no chance I'll wear "fat pants" again :)


  • McGristy
    McGristy Posts: 61 Member
    Rolling through the McDonalds drivethru with my kids after their practices and not only not ordering anything for myself even though it smelled soooooooooooo good and I was starving, but also not scavenging any fries out of their bag. Woop!
  • gamommy
    gamommy Posts: 131 Member
    Mowing almost our entire acre of (steep, hilly) yard for 100 minutes straight without stopping. I might not have finished, but I usually have to break it up into 3 parts and this time I just went and went and went and went... :):):)
  • Just the solid fact that I kept my deficit this week. Sometimes I'm tempted to just eat and eat and then I erase it. :smile:
  • engodwin
    engodwin Posts: 516 Member
    Ran 3 miles straight yesterday - first time in over 2 years!
  • MamaRiss
    MamaRiss Posts: 481 Member
    Did four workouts! I always say I will, but often stop after 3. So yay for actually reaching my goal
  • sardelsa
    sardelsa Posts: 9,812 Member
    Yesterday a Victoria's Secret commercial came on and for the first time I did not feel envious of their bodies, I actually prefer my own body to theirs. My ideals have changed and that is a win in my books!
  • Fatandfifty3
    Fatandfifty3 Posts: 419 Member
    I'm back on here! I'd been sulking after a scales error (I hadn't instantly lost the huge lump of weight I thought I had).
  • I'm slowly cutting down on overeating.
  • SlimMe37
    SlimMe37 Posts: 133 Member
    Standing next to a cake stall at the kids school and not being tempted by it ????
  • bigT24chiefs
    bigT24chiefs Posts: 50 Member
    Win of the week for me was getting under 400 pounds for the first time in 2 years
  • skinnyD2308
    skinnyD2308 Posts: 92 Member
    Didn't let a busy day throw me off, instead planned and packed lunches for my daughter and myself for both lunch and dinner, instead of using busyness as an excuse to eat out or over eat. Planning works!
  • QueenBishOTUniverse
    QueenBishOTUniverse Posts: 14,121 Member
    Did my first ever chin up! :happy:
  • besaro
    besaro Posts: 1,858 Member
    went to a quilt show all by myself. (and realized that i can have fun alone.) although i was annoyed that parking cost me $8 and wished i had someone along to make it worth the cost.
  • IndiaGuerita1983
    IndiaGuerita1983 Posts: 98 Member
    Got through two Max Insanity Cardio videos this week. Had a PR on the treadmill of 7.5 mph for three minutes. Ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill in 23 minutes. Threw away ALL of my fat clothes (except for one pair of my jeans that I am saving for comparison when I have met my weight goal). Realized I am no longer a fatty during a 6 mile run outside. Tracked my calories accurately all week by measuring and using my food scale religiously. Lost five pounds of water weight from eating like *kitten* the week prior. Learned to accept the fact that I may need a tummy tuck/skin removal to be able to see the abs that are hiding under 10 lbs of loose skin.

    Enjoyed every mile of my 6 mile run on a gorgeous nature trail. It had been a really long time since I truly enjoyed running.

    Last thing: Started lifting. Time to shock my body so I can get rid of the last 23 pounds and so I can mold my body to the shape that I desire.

  • hyg99
    hyg99 Posts: 354 Member
    Reached my target today!

    My husband described me as skinny.

    I feel like I have incredible energy levels. I love exercise.

    Booked some family activities that I physically wouldn't have been able to do 10 months ago.

    Family event today, and I had lots of "you look really well" comments ( which means not fat anymore...)
  • Sharon_C
    Sharon_C Posts: 2,132 Member
    Reached my goal weight today! 30 pounds lost. It took me two years but I knew when I started that I was going to take it slow. I took a few months off in the middle of the year and ate at maintenance. Now I've set a new goal of another 5 pounds. Maybe I can hit that by the new year but I'm not giving myself a deadline.
  • fitby44
    fitby44 Posts: 276 Member
    Monday I set my goal to maintenance because I was struggling and didn't feel I was "in the zone" any longer. I just didn't want to gain. This morning I woke up and realized I'm back in the zone. I'm glad that I still tracked and maintained instead of gaining or throwing in the towel completely. And this morning I reset my goal to lose 1.8 pounds/week.
    AMRROL Posts: 168 Member
    Cleaned out my closet of all the XXL shirts...hello XL. Felt so good. Also today was the first time I could fit into my old waist size 40 pants. Happy day indeed.
  • lsgibbs83
    lsgibbs83 Posts: 254 Member
    Dropped another pant size!

  • pangepange
    pangepange Posts: 49 Member
    I ran my longest distance ever today, 20km. :) A year ago, I wasn't physically capable of running 1 minute straight.
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