• sarahbear1981
    sarahbear1981 Posts: 610 Member
    156 sticks of butter gone!
  • MrsMizart
    MrsMizart Posts: 1,275 Member
    Now I want to go buy 264 sticks of butter, as I have 66lbs to lose.

    I want to see what it looks like all stacked up and watch it melt away :-)
  • AleciaG724
    AleciaG724 Posts: 705 Member
    I have not thought about this in a long time... I can totally picture this piled up on my kitchen counter: I've lost 380 freakin' sticks of butter - woo hoo!!!
  • bradsbaby1996
    bradsbaby1996 Posts: 154 Member
    444 sticks of butter lost !!! Hot damn!!
  • KathyPBiles
    KathyPBiles Posts: 292 Member
    180 sticks!
  • OldSportOldsport
    OldSportOldsport Posts: 275 Member
    164 sticks!
  • melimomTARDIS
    melimomTARDIS Posts: 1,941 Member
    good lord, ive lost 55lbs, so 227 sticks of butter? ewww this is gross.
  • that_tall_girl
    that_tall_girl Posts: 95 Member
    Just on the verge of 120 sticks of butter...we'll see what the scale says tomorrow morning!
  • kimbelle_vie
    kimbelle_vie Posts: 174 Member
    54.4 sticks of butter!!
  • becky4m
    becky4m Posts: 61 Member
    464. Wow.
  • earlnabby
    earlnabby Posts: 8,171 Member
    256 sticks of butter her, so far.

    I have also lost the weight of my two cats (and one is a big Maine Coon) plus a 40 lb bag of cat litter.
  • AliUnrau
    AliUnrau Posts: 405 Member
    Ive lost 220 sticks of butter (55lbs) :wink:
  • laineybz
    laineybz Posts: 704 Member
    I've lost around 364 sticks of butter! Wow :noway:
  • chixyb
    chixyb Posts: 107 Member
    432 sticks of butter. Damn I could be rich if I converted my fat into butter...
  • northbanu
    northbanu Posts: 366 Member
    WOW. Talk about about bringing new life to an old thread.... I know, no one was talking about that.

    120 Sticks-o-butter.
  • 404 sticks of butter. :-) And counting.
  • jharwell58
    jharwell58 Posts: 30 Member
    One of my past jobs was working in a restaurant, and part of the work included putting groceries away. One case of butter = 40 pounds. As we would put away the refrigerated items, my boss would always comment about the fact that both of us were carrying around the equivalent of that on our bodies. I have lost 1 case of butter since January. I am SO glad not to be carrying that around with me any more!
  • Aero1dynamic
    Aero1dynamic Posts: 702 Member
    80 sticks of butter gone....Think I could convince the movie theater down the street to take the next 200?
  • mitch16
    mitch16 Posts: 2,113 Member
    This is something that I remember from back in my mom's Weight Watchers days 30-odd years ago--that a pound of fat is essentially the same size as a pound of butter... So when I stand naked in front of the mirror and appraise my body and think about how much more I need to lose, that is how I visualize it, "OK, 2 pounds of butter off each thigh, 6 from my tummy, 2 from my lower back, 3 from my hips, 1 from my chest, 1 from each arm, 1 from each calf... 18 more pounds to go!"
  • mom2my4boys
    mom2my4boys Posts: 148 Member
    almost 400 sticks of butter!!! wow
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