So Depressed.

So i am a 21 year old male, workingout 4 times a week.. And i am just really depressed. Cant find my mind working creatively.. And end up eating just Chicken breast, oatmeal and raw broccoli everyday.

I really need some good tasty recipes that dosent contain added sugars, and unhealthy fats..

Please guys! i need your help :c


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    I am not a cook by any stretch of the imagination. However there are lots of ways to eat well. I know for me, what works well is to make up a recipe that serves 4 (or, if there is 1 I like well, double it & freeze individual servings) and portion it out for "instant" meals. If you are really pushed, then check out Progresso soups. They work well for me on nights I just don't wanna cook anything.

    I don't know what kind of eating plan you follow, but if you are just looking for "good foods" to eat, then check out Body For Life's charts, they have some ideas as far as to what are low fat, low calorie, balanced foods. That is a good place to get some ideas, than you can tailor it to meet your eating plans and needs.

    As far as a recipe, well, I don't know about your like & dislikes are, but there are several on here that I have found that are really good. But here's one to get you started. I loved this one, and 1 I used to make double & freeze the extras. (I have recently finally converted to ova-lacto vegetarian)

    Turkey-Taco Chili (4 servings - 298 calories per serving)
    1 pound ground turkey
    1 can red kidney beans (drained & rinsed)
    1 can diced tomatoes w/green chilies (if you like spice. I usually just used plain diced tomatoes)
    1 cup frozen corn
    2 teaspoon sugar
    2 cups water
    1 packet reduced sodium taco seasoning

    Cook up the turkey in the bottom of a pot. Add remaining ingredients & simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

    There ya go. 4 meals prepared for you, with 38 gms carbs, 36 gms protein & 6 gms fat per serving. Good luck!
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    I know you're not a girl...but this website is fantastic for recipes!!!
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    Pinterest is awesome for any kind of recipe :)
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    snap out of it... there are a million combinations of food. Look at your friend's food diary ..

    Here are some staples for me

    hard boiled eggs
    scrambled eggs
    spinach leaves

    ready made salads from the grocery store

    cottage cheese
    cheese sticks
    greek yogurt
  • nice
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    If you can swing it, spend money on a good cookbook. My go-to now that my kids are back in school is Cooking LIght's "Fresh Foods Fast." They're all meals that don't demand a lot of time (breakfasts and desserts too) and because it's put out by CL, I have all the nutritional info right there. You can also google CL recipes, but I have found that this one book has paid for itself several times over. They also have a slow cooker book which is awesome if you're going to be gone all day and don't want to come home and snack your way through your dinner preparation. I have been cooking for my family for over 20 years, but the CL books are almost my only recipes anymore. Plus, you end up with leftovers which gives you healthy lunches and dinners over the next few days.

    C'mon. Get off the couch. Look it up. Your mouth (and tummy) will thank you!
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    go to lots of great ideas there
  • Here is another:
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    Seen post, wanted to share a thought but not a recipe. I am recovering from one heck of an eating disorder that limited my diet to raw veggies (most lettuce, greens and broccoli), oatmeal, protein powder (mixed in water or oatmeal) and diet pop. My diet was nearly void of any fats & I ended up having many problems - which included my body ceasing to manufacture testosterone which in turn caused severe depression and anxiety. If you are restricting your diet to just those 3 items, a lack of balanced nutrition could be causing your depression.
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    I get a lot of good recipes off of Youtube. a very active healthy eating and exercise group.

    Personally I do:
    Chicken Breast
    Chocolate Protein Peanut Butter (Make my own)
    Lean ground beef
    I have a Paleo Pork BBQ that is done in a crock-pot and is really easy to make

    I am not very creative and tend to eat the same most days, but I also eat low sugar and I eat low carb/High Protein.
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    I make meat loaf using ground turkey and chop up different kinds of veggies to mix in with it to make it more filling. I eat a lot of chicken but I season it many different way to make it taste different and use different veggies... Brown rice and whole grain paste are my friends(I'm sure somebody will think I'm crazy for saying this but I lvoe my carbs)
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    Check out these recipes. They have pictures and are easy to follow.
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    ... end up eating just Chicken breast, oatmeal and raw brokoli everyday.

    I think that would make us all depressed. We hardly ever have the exact same thing twice. My diary is open and if you see a list of ingredients listed for supper and want to know what I did with them, just give me a holler.

    Your battle starts at the grocery store. Buy a variety of foods and start accumulating "flavorings" (spices, sauces,etc.) Then master a few simple cooking techniques.

    I'm, fundamentally, a lazy cook. I like meals I can throw together in a relatively short period of time.

    Last night, for example, I started some stone-ground grits in a sauce pan and set the timer for 20 minutes. I then heated some oil in a big saute pan and started chopping red cabbage. I threw the cabbage in, stirred in around for a moment, and then added cider vinegar, honey, and caraway seed. I took a chunk of kielbasa I had in the freezer, cut it into slices and threw it into the cabbage. I covered both and gave each a stir occasionally while I cleared the detritus off the counter. When the timer went off, both the grits and the cabbage/sausage were done. Voila! Supper!

    Oh, and I stirred a chunk of butter into the grits before dishing them out. How did I know how to cook the grits? The instructions were on the bag.

    Now, you are 21 and I am in my 60s, so I've been throwing supper together for 40+ years. Did I know what I was doing in my 20s? Heck, no. You will learn by doing and google is your friend for finding cooking ideas and instructions.

    Feel free to friend me or send questions.
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    I recently started making baked burgers for the week. I also buy individual frozen veggie portions -check your freezer section-they have a lot of different combos! I also like the rice/veggie frozen bags from Bird's Eye. As for the burgers, I've been using elk because I get it for free from my dad. I make 4-6 oz patties and put them on a baking sheet, 350 for 20-25 minutes. Alternative to eating chicken all the time. Sometimes I add an egg or breadcrumbs or bbq sauce into the meat to spice up the burgers.
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    Google is your fran, OP.
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    What did you eat before???

    What do you like to eat?

    Google some recipes. If not being able to find recipes makes you depressed ... well nevermind
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    OP: Have you seen a nutritionist or dietician at all? You could start there and develop targeted goals around your desired outcome.

    That being said, my goals are 60carb/20protein/20fat. That's in percentage of my daily calorie allowance and you can modify it in MFP and tweak as you go.

    I've replaced a lot of things with coconut oil. I find that it tastes better and has more "good fats."
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    Here is another:

    This is the one I was going to recommend. It's fantastic. I get a ton of recipes from there and have made them for company and parties and they are so tasty that nobody knows the difference.