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    Hi there

    Great calc! But, am I the only one whose BMI is incorrect?

    Did you click on small frame size or large frame size? Choosing one of those options will modify your BMI to take your frame size into account, so you'll get a different result. (N.B. But you shouldn't take the modified BMI as medical advice, because it's not the accepted formula)

    If you didn't change the frame size setting, then your BMI should be correct - it;s just the standard formula.
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    Yes, it works great now thanks :). I find the info very useful and I think if I run into standstills with my weight I will probably try the 5:2 or the zig zag. Are those amounts used based on the calories we inputted (ie mine is 1,200)? I think so but I wasn't certain. Thanks :)

    Excellent! And thanks for your help identifying the problem :)

    The zig zag is based on your 'intended calorie intake per day". The 5:2 is based on the guidelines on the 5:2 diet website - low calorie days at 25% of your tdee, normal calorie days at your normal tree.
  • Nice! Very helpful!
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    This is great! I will be sharing. Thanks for such a handy tool!
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    Really like this..thanks!
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    Hey! I'm an amateur programmer and I made a huge calculator that figures out everything from your current BMR to your predicted weight loss over a period of time. I hope that it will be a useful resource, and would love to get some feedback on it if you have a few minutes. You can check it out here: http://www.weightloss-calculator.net

    Love this. Thanks!
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    very nice, bookmarked :smile:
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    Absolutely love it! Great job!
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    Great tool!
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    This is a great tool :) I now know that if I stick to the stated calorie intake, I could be at my goal weight in less than 4 months. I feel SO much more motivated.... Thank you!!
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    With this calculator, do you eat back your exercise calories? For example, if I intend to eat 1600 calories do I need to eat back my exercise calories like on MFP or is this the TDEE -20% (or whatever it may be) method?
    Thanks and great job!
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    great job on the site!

    a small addition i'd suggest (it would be very easy to program in) is about halfway down the page, where it says "Important Information!
    What your BMI means" -- it would be nice if you put the person's calculated BMI in that space, so we don't have to scroll back up to the top of the page to find it,

    just an idea

    also, where it says "to lose .5 lb/week you'd need to consume ___, to lose 1 lb/week you'd need to consume ___ , to lose 2 lb/week you'd need to consume ___ " --- i have a couple thoughts. first, why is there no 1.5 lb option? 2nd, it tell me that to lose 2 lb/week, i'd need to consume 782 cals/day.... that's obviously far too little, and i know that, but some people might see that and say "awesome! 2lb/week!" and actually follow that advice. it might be a good place to put a warning, saying it's not recommended to eat below ___ w/out doctor supervision... just to be safe and possibly save some people from thinking they need to starve themselves..

    anyway awesome work!
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    oh, also, just from an aesthetics perspective (and it would also help keep relevant info together, instead of data melting into data), i would recommend color-boxing in each subcategory. when i was scrolling back up to re-find, my calculations, i had to look based on the bold letters. if each section headlined in caps&bold was in a different color, or just alternating colors you know, it would make the site a lot more navigable & approachable :)

    ooohhh and one more thing (sorry, just trying to help) :) --- i dont have a goal BMI, so i didn't enter it under "additional information" -- so, when it calculated the results, it came out kinda awkwardly... "To achieve your goal BMI of __(blank)___, you'd need to weigh ___0 pounds___"
    i understand it of course, but there is a more user-friendly and less awkward confusing way to show results when initial goals weren't entered...... one idea is simply having it say "more info needed" instead of being blank

    once again awesome job!!~* my favorite feature by far is the weight loss predictor :D
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    Excellent job on the calculator! I like the feature that predicts how long it will take to get to your goal weight.
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    Excellent work. Added to the FIT favorites folder.

  • What a fantastic tool, great job :)