concern about what happened this morning

I went for a bike ride. my first in like a few months. i came back, and when i got in the house, my vision started blurring, my hearing blurred, i was breathing heavy, and my heart was pumping irregularly.

i called 911 because i have no idea what that was. i felt like maybe it was life threatening. I told her the symptoms, but she just kept saying: "I can't give you any medical information, do you need an ambulance?"

I DO understand why it occurred, i just want to know if it was potentially life-threatening.
i'm alive(ish), though. so all is well. i was just wondering

1) based on the symptoms provided, what occurred?


  • branflakes1980
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    Not sure what happened, but you should definitely go se a doctor because I am sure that it's not normal. Good luck!
  • rheannaraye
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    There are so many things that could have happened, that it's not even remotely safe to ask something like that on a board. You'll really need to go see a doctor to make sure that things are in order. Take care, and good luck!
  • kbolton322
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    if I were you I would go to the doctor...
  • LeanButNotMean44
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    Definitely see a doctor, but I think those symptoms sound like they could be from a stroke. FYI, if it was a stroke then timing (getting to a hospital ASAP) is CRITICAL.
  • jennalor
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    It could be a lot of things, but I highly recommend seeing a doctor, never mess around with you heart health.
  • LeahFerri
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    It sounds like you were dehydrated. That can lead to temporary blurry/greyed-out vision and ringing ears.

    The heavy breathing could easily be from exertion if you haven't been that active in a good while. Deconditioning is very rapid.

    A rapid heart rate, as long as it's not wildly far away from your baseline, is fairly typical with exertion. My RHR is around 80; if I've had caffeine and just walked up a bunch of stairs with a backpack it can shoot up to 120. An irregular heartbeat, however, is concerning. In my experience, people who aren't healthcare providers don't really differentiate an irregular heartbeat (unequal intervals between beats, beats of unequal strength, etc.) from palpitations (an uncomfortable awareness of one's own heartbeat) or just a rapid heart rate. If you feel it was genuinely irregular or aren't sure, I would see your doctor.
  • kimnsc
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    It could be a wide range of things. Please go see your Doctor.
  • SrJoben
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    It sounds like you almost fainted. Ummm yeh you might want to see a doctor about that.
  • nilbogger
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    We're in the same position as a 911 diispatcher; we can't give you medical information over the internet.
  • Mustang_Susie
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    I'm an RN.

    How do you know that your heart was beating "irregularly"?
    What exactly do mean by irregular?
    Did you check your carotid pulse?

    I agree that you may have been dehydrated and your blood pressure dropped, so your heart rate increased to compensate.
    Sit down and drink water.
  • MelRC117
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    So you understand WHY it occured but don't know what occured or the problems? It could be dehydration, , but it could be lots of other things which your doctor can help you determine.

    Also, 911 isn't the "Ask-a-nurse" line. Please, only call 911 if its an emergency and you are needing an ambulance, which you may have needed but didn't said you were looking for medical advice. They aren't nurses or doctors and have a small amount of first responder training to relay over the phone, possibly using a step-by-step guide.
    ANNAvsANNA Posts: 58 Member
    I'm with the rest of the thing to do would be to see your doctor and have some tests run like maybe an EKG and stress test. It could have been something really simple like dehydration or low blood sugar. Could have been something more serious and this episode was a warning sign.....

    Good luck
  • sparacka
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    You sound hypoglycemic. Did you eat before your ride? Did you recently drastically reduce your carbs? When I went through the keto-flu, I had an episode of hypoglycemia (vision went all wonky, got light-headed, felt like I was having a panic attack). Yes, see your doctor (always a good idea before you make a big lifestyle change - i.e. go on a diet or start exercising), but also don't fret too much. Our bodies can rebel when we start demanding too much of them too quickly.
  • thanks for all the helpful advice. i won't let it happen again. i think i may see a doctor, just in case. I think I know the answer she'll give me, but who knows. it might be something more. or less.
  • daynes23
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    Happens to me from time to time. Especially after a long or difficult run. Usually because I'm starting to get hungry or I haven't drank enough water. Never hurts to see the doctor. I'm just kind of used to it now because it's my own fault that it happens and there are times when it happens because I haven't eaten and then I stand up too quickly. Good luck! Feel better.
  • rml_16
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    It could be overexertion or it could be a stroke. Go to a doctor.
  • kshadows
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    Sounds like very low BP or low blood sugar or dehydration. I've suffered both and they are not pleasant. Did you eat before you went? Drink adequate water?
  • JenAndSome
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    Why did you call 911 if you don't think you needed an ambulance or immediate medical care? You should go see a doctor and have them do a stress test to see what it is and if you are at risk of it happening again.
  • Go have a medical exam by a doctor. That could be all sorts of things, the info you gave does not make it clear, it could just be something simple like low blood sugar+dehydration after intense activity, or a mini seizure, or a heart insufficiency, or stroke...
  • RHachicho
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    it can be serious or not serious. I have them too sometimes when I don't cool down properly after high intensity exercise. For me it's no big deal but you should see a doctor because stuff like this can be.