Friends willing to share food diaries/support?

Hi Everyone! I am looking for friends willing to share their food diaries and also just to offer support to each other. I think the key to sustaining this for me has been good variety so I would love to have more friends willing to share their strategies for meeting their calorie/macronutrient goals. If this sounds like something you're interested in, please feel free to friend me! <3 Anita


  • Sweetvirgo63
    Sweetvirgo63 Posts: 119 Member
    You can add me if you want. My diary is set to public.
  • Justamom410
    Justamom410 Posts: 90 Member
    My diary is public as well...though I "fall down" alot and eat not so great choices...but I'm 100% committed to logging EVERYTHING honestly.
  • Me! I'm back at this and my current friends do not really participate.
  • Great_Mazinga
    Great_Mazinga Posts: 214 Member
    My diary is visible to friends, if not, everyone. I usually try to log foods and exercise daily. Last week was pretty bare and full of bad decisions though. Is not the norm for me.
  • DANAK13
    DANAK13 Posts: 2 Member
    Feel free to friend me as well; I may not make the healthiest choices (so don't look for that ;) ) but I like the idea of being accountable to others!
  • alska
    alska Posts: 295 Member
    feel free to add me! my diary is open :)
  • EMTFreakGirl
    EMTFreakGirl Posts: 597 Member
    My diary is open to friends, feel free to add me if you'd like. FYI: my diary is set up a bit unconventionally. I originally had it set up by time blocks, then by common meals. Now I have just 3 categories; WS Meals (supplements and such), Lean and Green (real food, the name inspires/encourages me to choose healthy foods, tho I don't always succeed.) and Extras~these are the things that don't really fit into either of the other categories. It works for me to do it this way as I work strange, long hours as a paramedic and it's just easier for me to track in a 24 hour period. Best of luck to you!
  • mnardi123
    mnardi123 Posts: 59 Member
    My diary is open and I'm getting back on track. Add me if you like.
  • brosis85
    brosis85 Posts: 114 Member
    You can add me if you like - my diary is open. I am a personal trainer and competing in a fitness show next year! Absolutely on here to motivate others and help support people on their journeys
  • lyrics09
    lyrics09 Posts: 217 Member
    Hey :) Fee free to add! My diary is open to friends and I log daily. I have been around since May, got a ways to go.

    GL to you!
  • sherri30170
    sherri30170 Posts: 18 Member
    Feel free to friend me also. My diary is open to friends, I'm logging each day (but just started a week or so ago), PLUS I am working with a nutritionist and support group weekly through a free work program.
  • lyrical_melody
    lyrical_melody Posts: 242 Member
    You can add me too! My diary is public :)
  • Leo7777
    Leo7777 Posts: 25
    Hya feel free to add me : ) my diary is open and I am trying to eat healthy and cook from scratch... although not always perfect ; )
  • julia_v1
    julia_v1 Posts: 187 Member
    Happy to buddy up. My diary is open so may give you some ideas.
  • Kairalie
    Kairalie Posts: 90 Member
    Mine too, mine is set to public. There are a few blank days because I was so busy and then by the time I got to it I had forgotten everything, but otherwise I log everything. Good or bad, I like the idea of being accountable and having that person come to you and say.. "Hey shouldn't have eat that.. lets work it off" or something :)
  • Quirky_but_nice
    Quirky_but_nice Posts: 102 Member
    Feel free to add me. My diary is public. I prepare and grow a lot of what I eat, just add a message with the request, that's all I ask :)
  • nickalow11
    nickalow11 Posts: 99 Member
    Anyone can add me too! I'm recommitting to get back on track and am logging it all...for good or bad.
  • katsmo
    katsmo Posts: 219 Member
    I'm happy to add new friends. My diary is open and honest.
  • thepandapost
    thepandapost Posts: 117 Member
    My diary is open to my friends. I look for MFP who are in it for the long haul :smile: and not some 90 day fix :noway: I follow TDEE principles so even though I track my workout burned calories I rarely eat them back since the burn is already factored in.

    I also don't label foods as "good" or "bad" - and loathe the word "clean eating" - I just eat what I want and try to fit the food choices into my macro goals for the day.
  • MissLakeTime
    MissLakeTime Posts: 59 Member
    Anyone can add me as my diary is open to friends only. Advanced warning I am doing very low carb/keto/1200 calories. If that is not for you then my diary will not be helpful. I am supportive of others goals/ways of eating/etc. no matter what you choose is best for you! I also don't usually eat exercise calories back.

    Good luck on your journey!