Waterproof Walking/Hiking Boots Recommedations

Hi, I like to walk and hike a lot for excersise and enjoyment. I have good running shoes, winter boots, hiking boots etc. Im looking for a brand that would be easy on the feet on roads and trails in wet and colder weather. Im looking on Amazon at duck boots, ankle high, and thats what Im thinking of buying. Any brand recommendations ? TIA


  • NYactor1
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    Keens are by far the best I have found...Merrill's are a close second...
  • LoneWolfRunner
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    Not familiar with Keens, but definitely second Merrells
  • jim_just_jim
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    Thanks !
  • allangirl
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    Asolo or Salomon boots are excellent boots. I prefer Asolo.
  • NYactor1
    NYactor1 Posts: 9,642 Member
    Asolo or Salomon boots are excellent boots. I prefer Asolo.

    I was looking at these the last time I went for shoes...both brands look great...although a bit $$ lol
  • scare006jack37
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    My favorite shoes are Teva for rafting sports. They also have hiking shoes which I've crossed rivers with.The Teva site lists water secure winter boots too http://www.teva.com/men-boots/
  • mustgetmuscles1
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    New Balance. I try to buy U.S. made when I can and New Balance make some good ones.
  • SusanUW83
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    Don't recommend duck boots -- they are rubber so become a feet sauna if you are exercising. You want boots that are breathable/waterproof with goretex. Merrills have a lot of options. Keens are sized European so are harder to fit for some feet, in my opinion.
  • Most major brands have lightweight, but sturdy, hiking boots treated with Gore-Tex. There isn't one brand that stands above the rest, since different manufacturers use different forms to shape their boots. That means that different boots will fit different feet best. I'd recommend going to an REI, if there is one near you, and trying on different brands of boots to see what fits best. I just did 220 miles with a 45-pound pack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, without a blister, through lots of rain and stream crossings. My boots worked so well because I spent a couple of hours last year trying different brands to get a good fit.
  • MyOwnSunshine
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    Another vote for Merrills.
  • epido
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    I love my Keens! They are the most comfortable hiking boots I have ever owned.
  • UtahWI
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    Merrell is my favorite. I have them with and without Goretex, love them.
  • Julieboolieaz
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    I also recommend Keens! Love them!! (If you have the $ the Asolos are great too!).
  • hearthwood
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    I would definitely go to a store and try some on first, before I would order on-line. My hiking boots, I get 1 size bigger than my normal shoes. Reason--on long hikes, your feet will swell and it's no fun to lose toenails, which happens when you're doing a lot of up and down hills. I also wear my water proof hiking boots in the winter, they're great in snow.
  • AleciaG724
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    Ducks are way too heavy, you'll want to go and try some hikers on at a store like REI. You'll be amazed at how light weight and comfortable they are! I have Merrill and my husband has Keen. We love them!
  • dbmata
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    Get some Whites. Another option is Cruz.
  • DM01234
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    I've used Merrells in the past and have loved them.
  • zeeland5
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    I love my Asolo TPS520GV. Not super warm, but totally comfortable and water proof. 4 years of use, at least five days a week. Re-soled after three.
  • EvgeniZyntx
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    Look into overboots. They allow you to use regular boots and then have and extra layer for ice or water - I've used these in extreme conditions - two week ice hike in the Zanskar mountain range in India.