Pouched Eggs...


I have been having pouched eggs for breakfast quite often and have been counting them as 75 cal each, however I have heard they could be 90 for a medium sizes pouched egg! Any ideas anyone?

Jess xox


  • millerne
    millerne Posts: 17 Member
    It depends on a few various factors, a 'medium' size egg can vary from different suppliers. Also how the chickens are fed by the farms can also have a big effect on the calroies, cholesterol and vitamins in each egg.

    I'd suggest consulting the packaging and if no joy from there contact the manufacturer direct.
  • drunkenfetus
    I heard always buy "free roaming " chickens eggs.. maybe thats the "organic" way of eating eggs?
  • poisongirl6485
    poisongirl6485 Posts: 1,487 Member
    The regular ol' large eggs I buy at the store are 70 cals apiece.