Should I buy a George Foremen Grill???

I'm thinking about buying a George Foremen Grill tomorrow....Was wanting to know if this will be a smart choice??? I love love love chicken!!!!


  • I love my George Foreman!!! I think it's one of the handiest cooking instruments in my kitchen! Definitely worth the investment.
  • EmmieSu
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    We had one, but prefered to grill or bake. To me it's too dry, but that's just my opinion.
  • YES! I use it everyday for lunch with different type of seasoning. I make a plate of chicken and veggies in less then 1o minutes! Easy clean up too..

    Its my baby; im so serious... my bf loves it to we both use it haha
  • deb1ray
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    I LOVE mine. Definitelly a good decision. I use mine once, if not twice a day.
  • sarahsmom1
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    LOVE IT good choice
  • grouch201
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    My only qualm with the Foreman is cleaning it, but other than that it's a wonderful contraption!
  • Tennessee2019
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    I agree with EmmieSu. My daughter uses one & I found the chicken dry when she had us over for dinner once. Of course I didn't tell her this.
  • jb83
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    I bought one way back when they 1st came out.... and it is now burried some where in the garage. I don't miss it. I'm not sure if they are any different now, but I always thought the pan that caught the grease was gross.... the whole machine was hard to clean... cluttered my counter... and smelled funny.
  • If you do get the one with the removable plates, it's much much easier to clean.
  • I have one and don't use it.
    I either put the effort into firing up the grill or I cook my chicken in the oven.
    But that is just one man's opinion.

    Lots of people own the Foreman and love it.
  • wolfchild59
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    I had a George Foreman grill and was never happy with it. My mom got me a Cuisinart Griddler as a gift one year and it's by far the most used tool in my entire kitchen. I use it four-five times a week for everything from chicken to pancakes, to cooking veggies. I can't imagine my life without it. I was happy to trash the George Foreman grill after the first time I used my Griddler.
  • whatupskinnyjeans
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    Yes!!!!! U will not regret it- just make sure to get one with removable plates for easy cleanup!
  • whatupskinnyjeans
    whatupskinnyjeans Posts: 229 Member
    I love my George Foreman!!! I think it's one of the handiest cooking instruments in my kitchen! Definitely worth the investment.
    It's not that expensive mine was under $40. Much cheaper than a real grill and less fat
  • RedneckWmn
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    I had one for a long time and used it some. I found it dried out the food as well and it was a royal pain to kill. I invested in a small propane grill and used that instead. I have now upgraded to a bigger grill and when I had my own place used it daily to cook meals!
  • edorice
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    We use it a lot. It grills chicken, salmon, steaks...
  • MissingMinnesota
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    I use mine daily and my chicken is almost never too dry. I usualy use a merinade on the chicken on my meat. Oh and get the one with the removable plates.
  • suzycreamcheese
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    i never use mine because its such a faff to clean.
    I reckon one with removeable plates would be good though
  • We use ours lots, it's great for chicken, fish, veggies, pressing wraps and even boneless pork chops.

    Don't do whole steak - it ruins it. steak kabobs that have been marinated are fine.

    If your food is dry it's because you're over cooking it. With the heat pressing on both sides everything cooks super fast. Like everything under 7 minutes fast.
  • mommyskis
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    Love mine. We also make great paninis on it. My favorite is good white bakery bread, thin apple slices, deli ham and shredded cheddar (just make sure to put cheese on the top and bottom, I had to learn this the hard way!). I spray the bread with cooking spray instead of using butter. You can make a lot of good sandwiches this way. Also use it a lot for chicken.
  • Oh and to ease cleaning we make sure the drip tray is positioned correctly and then soak a few paper towels so they are dripping, put them across the hot grill, close and unplug it.. by the time you're done eating dinner it's cool enough to wipe out with a cloth and the moisture from the paper towel makes it all come off like nothing.