Under 200!

grocha2010 Posts: 14 Member
Hello all, I started WW back in September and was able to lose 20 lbs or so but was sooooo sick of paying the weekly fee just to go and "weigh in." I am happy to say that since joining MFP I have lost an additional 20 lbs and am at my first goal of getting under 200 lbs! I have not been this weight in 20 years! I feel so much better physically and emotionally. To all of you that don't think you can do it, stay with it! I hit a plateau for 3 weeks and didn't lose or gain a pound but now it's coming off again! Just had to share! :)


  • Amandac6772
    Amandac6772 Posts: 1,311 Member
    AWESOME JOB! Way to work the program!
  • Levahna
    Levahna Posts: 132
    YAY!!!! Congratulations!!!
  • udallmom101
    udallmom101 Posts: 564 Member
    That is wonderful!!! What a wonderful feeling! Congratulations!
  • bmmadden
    bmmadden Posts: 499 Member
    Well Congratulations I can imagine that would be a big goal I will sure be posting when I get there, AWESOME JOB!!:happy:
  • forever28
    forever28 Posts: 374 Member
    Welcome to ONEderland!!!!!! So exciting!! Keep up your hard work!! :flowerforyou:
  • hollyknouse
    hollyknouse Posts: 232 Member
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I don't think I have ever hit a number in this weight loss journey that felt better than 199!!
  • Toothfairyy
    Toothfairyy Posts: 47 Member
    Congrats I know what you mean I tryed it and paying and not loosing was hard. I love MFP
  • luv2ash
    luv2ash Posts: 1,903 Member
    congratulations! keep up the great work
  • MadeToCraveHIM
    MadeToCraveHIM Posts: 213 Member
    That's awesome! Good for you!!! Congratulations :bigsmile:
  • mrsannett
    mrsannett Posts: 257 Member
    That is awesome thanks for sharing...great job!
  • sbwood888
    sbwood888 Posts: 953 Member
    Oh, CONGRATS! That is my first big goal too. I haven't been under 200 in almost 9 years and I will SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS when I am! Proud of you! :drinker:
  • Nanadena
    Nanadena Posts: 739 Member
    :flowerforyou: Oh my goodness! You must feel totally wonderful! WTG
  • Snowbunny95
    Snowbunny95 Posts: 47 Member
    Congratulations! I remember when I lost the EVIL 2(00)! That is great news! Keep it up and you'll make your goal easily! :)
  • ngoat
    ngoat Posts: 97 Member
  • tinman1222
    Good Job!!
  • BrownEyedG1rl
    BrownEyedG1rl Posts: 625 Member
    YAY!!!!!! Welcome to onederland!!!!
  • SheliaN1960
    SheliaN1960 Posts: 454 Member
    That is great! Congrats!!! Thanks so much for the words of inspiration. Sometimes we just need that one word to help us get back up and get going again!!! Best wishes!!!
  • kittyinaz
    kittyinaz Posts: 300 Member
    To all of you that don't think you can do it, stay with it! I hit a plateau for 3 weeks and didn't lose or gain a pound but now it's coming off again!

    Thank you for sharing. I'm at a plateau right now, although I've vowed not to weigh myself for 12-14 days so I stop getting disappointed. Today was my first day not weighing daily and I have to admit I was pretty upset at not being able to haha. I'm so used to going potty and then weighing....I was like "ahhh...wtf do I do?!" LOL

    Anyway, congrats on your loss and keep up the good work! I don't blame ya about not wanting to pay for WW, plus this is so much better.
  • doll2002
    doll2002 Posts: 427
    Well done!! I am happy for you. Keep up the hard work.
  • maipai21
    maipai21 Posts: 146
    Congrats! ONEderland is a huge accomplishment!
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