Whey Protein

When should you take your whey protein supplement? Before or after your workout?:happy:


  • liz_bolin
    liz_bolin Posts: 88 Member
    I do mine after
  • I do after so that my body has it available to aid in repairing my muscles.
  • ljbrauer
    ljbrauer Posts: 62
    which ever is easiest for you, IMO. Sometimes I take it as my mid-morning snack, so that is usually before the gym, or as my mid-afternoon snack, so that is after the gym.
  • I take my in the am as a breakfast substitute. The packaging says to take it in the am on days you do not workout and before and after your workout when you do.
  • Jain
    Jain Posts: 861 Member
    I have one for breakfast & one right after exercise.
  • kaytonp
    kaytonp Posts: 15 Member
    After workout your muscles are torn and looking for protein to repair. If you are looking to build muscle mass it is best to drink it right after your workout, Better is one before and one after. However, if you workout in the morning and your shake is all you have for breakfast, it is good to eat something before working out, so perhaps a snack before and then a shake after.
  • A_shelton316
    A_shelton316 Posts: 127 Member
    I work out in the evenings before my dinner right after work so when should I drink mine?