Two unexpected NSV in one day!

Tiggermummy Posts: 312 Member
We were heading out to a social event at church tonight so I needed to wear some more decent clothes than
I normally do, so routed around to find some and came up with a pair of trousers and an old bra.

Tried the trousers on and they fitted really well around the hips,waist and bottom, still way too long in the legs,
but loosing weight isn't going to change that, so I dragged out my iron to give them a press, and turn them up a bit
it is only then I realised they were an 18! (UK). I have worn a 24/22 for ages, and I got so fed up of trying to get trousers to
fit I normally buy mens as I know I could walk into any store and a 42inch waist and 29 inch leg would fit.
Most of my trousers are loose.

and on to the bra, I have to admit to still wearing my nursing bra's for the last FOUR years as I couldnt get any others to fit
that I could wear for any length of time.
The old one again now fits me perfectly, I wore it all evening with no sore spots!!!!


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