50lbs down 80 to go! major pic-age

indycello Posts: 147 Member
Hey ya'll! I have been successful using MFP with this weight loss and I hope I am not "tooting my horn" too much so to speak. However, I have lost 50lbs and I wanted to post some pictures to put things in perspective for me. This has like a billion pictures...lol

Before: somewhere between 300 and 310lbs


October/November 2010 right when I started my journey

This past Sunday afternoon! Weighing in at 260lbs

More 260

face shot I'm majorly proud of...

I hope someone else can see the difference!? I looking forward to posting my ONEderland pics in the next 6 months or so hopefully! :D


  • larisadixon
    larisadixon Posts: 201 Member
    you look great, i can totally tell a difference. great job
  • DanaC43
    DanaC43 Posts: 6
    Way to go!! I can definately see a difference!! You are doing great!! keep up the good work!!
  • fouchou09
    fouchou09 Posts: 154 Member
    Great work, you can definitely see a big difference! Keep up the good work!
  • NikkNikk78
    NikkNikk78 Posts: 14 Member
    Great Job! Keep up the good work, remember stay focus...
  • knittygirl52
    knittygirl52 Posts: 432 Member
    Yes! There is definitely a big difference. Way to go!
  • LisaZaugg1976
    LisaZaugg1976 Posts: 1,144 Member
    Great job!!!
  • KaleighL
    KaleighL Posts: 159
    Such great work!!
  • KandiLicious
    KandiLicious Posts: 210 Member
    You are doing a great job and it totally shows in the pictures!!!!
  • DyannAlvarez
    DyannAlvarez Posts: 162 Member
    Toot your horn, girl! You've done an EXCELLENT job and you have EARNED the RIGHT TO TOOT! You and so many others are such a motivator, inspiration, hero, etc, etc... Thanks for sharing and keep it up! You look marvelous! :wink:
  • WendyDemers
    WendyDemers Posts: 17 Member
    You look GREAT! Toot away because it definitely encourages others who are using MFP:)
  • Wow, huge difference. You look fantastic!
  • themommie
    themommie Posts: 4,985 Member
    CONGRATS you look great. You should be proud of your accomplishment , you will be to goal soon.You can do it
  • 2bFitNTrim
    2bFitNTrim Posts: 1,209 Member
    Go ahead and toot that horn, you definitely can see the difference!!:bigsmile:
  • DisneyAddictRW
    DisneyAddictRW Posts: 800 Member
    be proud and share! Gives us something to look forward to! You have done great! Congrats on the lose!!!
  • beautyqueen1979
    beautyqueen1979 Posts: 151 Member
    YES! Big difference. Amazing loss, you look great
    Edit! and no, you aren't tooting your own horn - you are proud of what you have done and inspiring others!
  • kmax71
    kmax71 Posts: 7
    Definitely a big difference!! You look awesome and you should toot your own horn!! You're an inspiration to all of us thanks for sharing these!
  • LynnBirchfield
    LynnBirchfield Posts: 574 Member
    Wow -- Congratulations!! Keep up the great work.

    Edit -- BTW -- beautiful face shot. :)
  • cakeordeath
    cakeordeath Posts: 229 Member
    you are doing wonderful! its a huge differance. keep it up!
  • JulieBoBoo
    JulieBoBoo Posts: 642
    You are majorly FIERCE!
  • dlaplume2
    dlaplume2 Posts: 1,658 Member
    you look awesome!! Keep tootin. :wink:
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