To all you Cereal Eaters out there......



  • jyt2573
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    I'm a Kashi Go Lean cereal gal. One bowl keeps me going throughout my whole morning workout. My body really misses it when I don't get it!
  • Atlantique
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    Hi gang! Im starting to like eating breakfast more and more and love cereal occasionally. I think im buyin healthier cereal w/ Raison Bran, etc, when I really wanna buy Capt'n Crunch! lol :bigsmile: Anywho..would like to see what healthy choices everyones eating cereal wise so I can get some healthier not so loaded w/ sugar options:happy:

    Believe it or not, you might as well just eat the Cap'n Crunch.

    Here is the nutritional info for the Raisin Bran:

    And for the Cap'n Crunch:

    You may THINK there is less sugar in the Raisin Bran, but you'd be wrong. The Raisin Bran is 46g of Carbs. Forget about 'sugars'. Simple carbs are all sugars to your body. You can back out the fiber if you want to to get 'net carbs', but that still leaves you with 39g of carbs.

    The Cap'n Crunch has 22.9 g carbs and less than one gram of fiber. Yes, that's right, LESS THAN HALF the carbs in the Raisin Bran. And again, simple carbs are all sugar to your body.
  • cfischer81
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    KIX CEREAL is a good one. I was really surprised when I looked at the label but it's only 88cal per serving and 2g of sugar!! There aren't many others that have that little sugar!
  • sandybeach11
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    Shredded wheat or Kashi Autumn Wheat are my 'go to' since I can eat it dry at my desk at work. Takes me all morning to finish a serving and it's quite filling.
  • pdcarrell
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    Multi Grain Cherrios, Life, Fiber One has some New cereals that are good I think that Kelloggs Fiber plus would be yummy & Filling!
  • jjhenry5
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    I'm a fan of the Kashi lineup as well. I also like the Ezekial 4:9 cereals. Alot like grape nuts, but with a few different grains and some flavorings. I also don't do dairy so everything is with unsweetened soy milk.
  • ka_42
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    It's true. Unfortunately the raisin bran is one of the ones with really high sugar :( It used to be my favorite cereal! I try to get a lot of fiber in for breakfast. I like Kashi honey sunshine and the new cinnamon burst cheerios. They both have added fiber! My other favorites are honey bunches of oats and golden grahams! I don't eat those very often though because of sugar and wanting to up my fiber.

    Oh editing to add I eat the kashi or cheerios dry on the go! It's perfect for a busy morning. :)
  • BunnybeeJG
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    I love Special K Vanilla Almond, or Fiber Plus Cinnamon Oat crunch!! :) But I REALLY Love Peanut butter Captain Crunch...just can't eat it now!! LOL

    Ya!!special k vanilla almond is my fav. I've started eating it w so delicious's vanilla coconut milk instead of milk too [I get the 'juicebox' pack and just cut the box and pour it out]and it tastes like rice crispy treat cereal that they have or had when I was a kid for a while anyway. Also the special k chocholatey delight. I love that too mmmm
  • qtpiesmom
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    Check your label on the Raisin Bran. Many of them have quite a bit of added sugar. (not trying to be a downer--just wanted to let you know). I love Raisin Bran. It is one of my favorite cereals and I was surprised to see how much added sugar there is. :brokenheart: I love plain spoon sized shredded wheat. :bigsmile:

    its because raisins are packed with sugar
  • corpus_validum
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    Lot of Kashi cereal lovers here. Glad I don't work with y'all :bigsmile:

    I like the comment about Kashi GoLEAN Crunch as the Happy Golden Farty Crunches!!! ROFL
  • milehighcritic
    Cascandian Farms and Barbara's are good choices.
  • Nelski
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    In Raisin Bran's defense, a lot of that sugar is from the raisins, but it is a shame that they add more, otherwise it would be a much healthier cereal if only natural sugars.

    I really like the Kashi cereals, but they have some that are very high in sugar too. The berry crunch one is like dessert! Yum.

    I just tried Oatmeal Squares with a hint of brown sugar. It is a little higer in sugar than I'd like in 'healthy' breakfast but it's way lower than so many and has a decent list of ingredients with protein and fiber. I'd say Kashi Go Lean is the healthiest I know of because of the low sugar, high fiber/protein.

    If only Raisin Bran Crunch and Lucky Charms weren't so full us sugar. I love that stuff lol.
  • mikeyml
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    I eat Wheaties almost every morning lol. I will probably get tired of it eventually but it works for me right now.

    Here is the nutrition info for 1 serving (1 cup)

    Calories - 110
    Fat - 1 gram (.1 Sat fat, 0 trans fat, .4 polyunsaturated, .3 monosaturated)
    Cholesterol - 0
    Sodium - 210
    Carbs - 24.2 (3g dietary fiber, 4g sugars)
    Protein - 3 grams

    Vitamin A - 10%
    Vitamin C - 10%
    Calciium - 2%
    Iron - 47%
  • sarahliftsUP
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    Kashi Go Lean!! It has 13g of protein, good source of fiber, and I think 8g of sugar.
    Kashi Go Lean crunch is good too.. but it has more sugar and 10g of protein.

    I add fruit to my cereal to spice it up a little, and use almond milk to save calories.
  • Atlantique
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    If I eat cereal, it's the original Kashi Go Lean or oatmeal(not instant) plus a protein.

    Kashi Go Lean: 13g of protein, 10g fiber, 30g carbs (20g net carbs after you back out the fiber).
  • mryan0717
    I LOVE Kashi brand cereals... especially Kashi Go Lean Original and Kashi Cinnamon Harvest.
  • MaryS910
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    My favorite cereal is Raisin Nut Crunch but right now, for health reasons, I am eating Cheerios. I have it with splenda and skim milk and cut up a small banana in it. It makes a great supper if you have eaten your main meal at lunch.
  • 3ur3ka
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    I eat the Fiberplus Berry Yogurt Crunch or Quaker Squares. I really like Multrigrain Cheerios.
  • alpha2omega
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    Kashi Autumn Wheat.
  • Loveebbs
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    I really like the Special K cereals and for a sweet treat I'll do their Chocolaty Delight brand - yum!

    I love that one and I also eat the Red Berries one.