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reading suggestions?



  • LightenUp_CaroLightenUp_Caro Member Posts: 572 Member Member Posts: 572 Member
    Thanks yall!!!

    I too, loved the Time Traveler's Wife.
    I should read Twilight. I've only heard good things, even thought I've heard the writing isn't that good. But I do have the tendency to get wrapped up in a good story, so the writing shouldnt bother me too badly.

    I will look into all of them, thanks so much! I'm a very fast reader, so I now have TONS of stuff to read over the holidays! Thanks!
  • mizzymizmizzymiz Member Posts: 446 Member Member Posts: 446 Member
    Someone on one of these threads suggested reading the Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris if you liked Twilight. I took the advice and started reading this series last week and am already on the 3rd book. A lot like Twilight but more...grown up. Definitely worth checking out!

    OH! That must be what True Blood (on HBO) is based off of! I never knew that it was anything other than an HBO original. I'll have to check that out - thanks! :smile:
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