Death completely wiped out my appetite

My grandmother passed away 3 weeks ago. I cared for her and we were very close. Like me, she had high functioning Autism so I tended to understand her and what she wanted better than others in the family. Immediately after she died I lost my appetite. I thought it would only last a few days as whenever I am stressed/sick I lose my appetite for about 3 days-week, but it comes back quickly. I have clinical depression (it comes in waves and so at the moment I'm not depressed), and I know what it's like. This is not depression - obviously I was sad that she passed away the week after her death, but her health was deteriorating, she was confused and in pain, and I had spent many years caring for her and getting to know her (an opportunity I didn't get with other relatives who passed away who I never knew)

Currently I am eating virtually nothing (around 100-500 calories per day, usually its between 900-1200), just drinking tea and eating around half my dinner (I eat in small portions normally, so this is a tiny amount of food). I tried eating more high calorie food, but anything high in fat or sugar is making me throw up (usually bile). Eating more than what I am eating now makes me horribly bloated and then I won't eat the next day. All I can really tolerate at the moment is herbal tea and really basic food (rice, oats, no dairy, etc.). Eating like this is fine/normal when I usually lose my appetite, but it is mind numbingly horrible to eat like this for 3 weeks straight.

Is there something I can eat to help regain my appetite? It's kind of concerning. I've lost 5 kilos, which is a lot because I was 52 kilos before....


  • VelveteenArabian
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    I'm sorry for your loss. It's not uncommon for someone grieving to be put off of their food. I think you should schedule a visit with your doctor.
  • annabellj
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    im so sorry also. three wks is not normal. and yes you need to see your doctor. I feel your pain though. when my dad died I was the same way. but I needed to lose a lot cuz when I was caring for him I gained a ton. but you have no energy, its hard to get everyday things done. please go asap.