Weight Loss Surgery (VSG)

Hello, I am 212 and 5'4 and I have been heavy all of my life- since 11- and I have lost and gained the same 25-30lbs over and over again for the past 2 decades. I also have a leg issue called Lymphedema which has caused a health problem that has made being overweight- which in and of itself never an issue before (except for vanity) into an issue. My leg is huge- I have to buy 2 pairs of shoes for every one pair I wear- because my right foot is 1/2 size longer and a size wider- than my left foot. It's been a problem. With work, with feeling good, with intimacy, and with my health. It's bad,. I have to get it under control.

That is why I am looking at the VSG.

I would like to hear from people who are a few years out from surgery. I find plenty of people who write about the first year or 18 months but since it's relatively a new procedure, almost NO ONE who is further out.

Are you out there? What is life like with your sleeve years out? Thanks!!:happy: :smile: :wink:


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    Go check out the forums at obesityhelp.com - There are a LOT of people there who are several years out from surgery, with all kinds of starting weights and starting health issues.
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    I haven't had the surgery but I've had three family members that have. My grandma, uncle and mom all had the surgery and they all gained the weight back plus more. In my experience, the doctors don't teach you how to change your lifestyle for weight loss. They just give you a goal and a deadline and think that if you can meet that goal then you can sustain a healthy lifestyle. Truth is, most can't. The rules are very restrictive and all family members broke the rules because they just couldn't follow the large list. I personally believe in just learning how to eat and lose weight yourself. Yes, you have a leg injury but you don't need exercise to lose weight.