What do you eat for breakfast?



  • MissMissle
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    I eat the same thing M-F - 2 fiber chews, SPARK, an apple, and 20-25 grams of PB Lean - rests around 230-240 calories
  • SlimmerShelly
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    This morning it was 2% plain fage greek yogurt with 1 Tbsp of Chocolate Pudding mix (powder) and 1/2 Tbsp of Peanut Butter. Mix that together and you have heavenly goodness that tastes like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup....just WAY healthier :)
    Sounds good, except I'm not big on greek yogurt. Maybe I can try plain or vanilla.
  • SlimmerShelly
    Yesterday was total whole grain cereal and skim milk.
    Today was a "snackers" pack. They sell them at Hannaford. It consists of
    a couple slices of apple, handful of blueberries, a mini bagel and little cup
    of strawberry cream cheese. 190 calories for all. It's pretty good. I LOVE
    bagels and this is my way to be able to have a bagel without all the calories
    and carbs of a regular size one.
  • cstevenson86
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    I like something quick and easy. I'm not much of a breakfast person, but I have learned to become one because I know it's good for me. Generally I have one cup of skim milk with a carnation good start packet - yummy! Or, I will bring a Bolt House smoothie to work with me. They are delicious and packed with vitamins, fruits and veggies. Fruit and yogurt always do the trick as well. I don't know how to cook, hence why I need something quick and easy that doesn't need much prep lol. Good luck to you on your goals!
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    I'm looking for some new healthy and easy to make breakfast ideas/recipes. I'm getting tired of the same things over and over, so I'm just wondering what everyone else has for breakfast, or wondering if anyone has some recommendations. Maybe this will give others ideas as well.

    I typically go between eggs, oatmeal and cereal. (Cereal probably is not the best choice, I know)

    What do you usually have for breakfast?

    Comment away!


    Don't forget to put it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds and enjoy with an ice cold glass of skim milk!

  • 7aneena
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    My favorite breakfast is 36g of rolled oats soaked overnight in 150g vanilla yogurt, I top it with 1 Tbsp peanut butter right before I eat it. It's around 380-400 cal
  • melimomTARDIS
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    always coffee with skim milk, and I rotate between 3 or 4 breakfasts.

    1)Cereal with skim milk and whatever fruit I have mixed in

    2) cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter

    3)oatmeal (cooked or raw)

    4) muesli or cereal with a yoplait yogurt mixed in

    5) In snowy weather I eat cream of wheat with a little margarine on top.
  • lil_lizt
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    Porridge with apple and raspberries or strawberries and banana most days. I'll have a bacon and cheese sandwich once or twice a week though
  • natashavo
    I tend to have the same sorta thing also but I know what I need to get through to lunch without starving and still be pretty low on calorie.

    Heres a few:
    1. Sara Lee Premium Meats - Roast Beef, 2 slices -60cal
    Eggs - Fried (whole egg), 2 large -185cal
    Daves - Killer Bread Thin Sliced, 1 slice -60cal
    Total Cal: 305

    2. Kirkland Signature - Boneless, Skinless Chicken Tenderloins, 4 oz. (112g) -110cal
    Eggs - Fried (whole egg), 1 large -92cal (sometimes , if starving)
    Daves - Killer Bread Thin Sliced, 1 slice (28grams) -60cal
    Total Cal: 262 (354, if 2 eggs, when starving)

    I also take multivitamins and other supplements too.
  • Birder155
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    Lately, it's been cottage cheese with some pumpkin pie spice, vanilla and sweetener or with berries.
  • StacyReneO
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    I don't eat breakfast all that often, but if I do I have Ezekiel toast topped with egg salad (one hb egg+ 1 tbsp light mayo).
  • Chieflrg
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    5 eggs just about every day.

    If I'm bulking I will throw in a donut or two...
  • your1stylist
    I have a chocolate mocha shake by Advocare most mornings but I also like to have steel oats with fruit and cinnamon. You can also add agave or honey to that as well :) turkey bacon can be a protein to add to that too. Eggs of course, and sometimes I like to add veggies like spinach, tomatoes ,all peppers and onions. Whatever you like for flavor (healthy of course)
  • cece5300
    I've been trying to add variety to my breakfasts. I rotate between a few.

    My go-to is a strawberry banana smoothie made with strawberries, half a banana, almond milk and non fat vanilla yogurt with some cocoa powder thrown in, and a zucchini muffin on the side.

    If I have time, I love eggbeaters (the Southwest style!) with toast or an English muffin. Sometimes I have a 100 calorie English muffin with a Morningstar maple "sausage" pattie and a slice of cheese.

    Oatmeal with a tablespoon of peanut butter and some cocoa powder and a banana

    Pancakes made with oats, banana and an egg and topped with blueberries or strawberries

    Lately I've been on a waffle kick. Whole wheat waffles with yogurt and strawberries instead of syrup.

    Yogurt with cereal mixed in

    I'm feeling lazy and unmotivated lately and I'd love different breakfast ideas but it's hard to come up with new things because I'm usually in a hurry
  • hearthwood
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    I am usually not hungry for breakfast, but when I am I am eating the same things as you, but I may put a banana in my Rice Krispies.
  • kansaijeremy
    I ate hummas and a cucumber today because we were out of milk for cereal. i'd like to get off cereal, but I need fiber, carbs and protein. sadly, my area doesn't sell whole wheat breads.
  • lucys1225
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    Egg white casserole filled with vegetables, topped with salsa and two slices of turkey bacon.
  • crystalewhite
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    Typically my husband and I have a protein shke, but when I also get sick of the same old thing I will do:
    -old fashioned oatmeal cooked with some chia seeds. I love this on cold days.
    -boiled eggs, turkey bacon and a piece of whole grain toast
    -scrambled eggs with hot sauce and toast, very simple
  • kookooman333
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    yes to the above post- I eat something similar to that a lot. or just nuts, seeds and a banana or pear.
  • Swiftlet66
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    Anything I want... But usually, fruit like bananas, apples, and pears with cheese, eggs in all forms with rice or bread or English muffin, stirfried vegetables, salads, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, rice porridge/congee, Natto, salmon rice balls, sometimes oatmeal, baked sweet potato, lentils, bean soup, fried rice... If I have time in the morning, I make full meals. I go for high fiber combination of foods most of the time as this helps with digestion in the morning. ;) Like this morning: