MFP is the best diet out there!

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I know it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle, errr, it's a journey ;-)


  • ScottH_200
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    I hate this new format. I typed a long post on my cellphone and hit post and the only thing that showed up was the first line. SNAP! Oh well, I like MFP and have lost a lot of weight this past year. The end.
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    Congrats! I hate when that happens, losing a post
  • ScottH_200
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    Why isn't my ticker showing up anymore?
  • Josalinn
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    "As with any transition, some items had to take a lower priority, but will be coming in time. The following are on our roadmap, but will not be present at launch:

    News Feed updates and Inbox/Email/Push notifications — We will integrate messaging to your News Feed, MFP Mail, and enable email and push notifications down the road

    “My Recent Forum Posts” will not be visible to friends who visit your profile page on the website

    Search for Groups — we’ll add the ability to search for existing Groups in a future update

    Weight loss tickers will not be attachable in your forum post signatures

    Other users cannot yet be set to “ignore” "
    Yay...I was sad too.