I have recently found out that I have a gluten intolerance. Which means no gluten. So outside of the obvious- Meats, veggies, fish, fruits- all of that yummy goodness- does anyone have any really good gluten free recipes they can share? Also if anyone has any experience with a gluten intolerance/Celiac's add me please- I'm new to this. Excited to find out what has caused a whole mess of problems for me over the past few years- but still a little nervous about this new change.


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    Pinterest... just search "gluten free".. you will find hundreds of recipes..
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    There must be a group or 2 for you to set-up here so I can't find stuff.

    Hopefully someone will post a link.
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    There are some good places to go for it as I have the same problem:

    Myself and my BF have intolerance and he has Celiac's. We have gone low carb as well because that is easier (70%/25%/5% -- Fat/protein/carb) and have lost weight on it. Mind you, Keto is not for everyone and results will vary.

    Good luck!
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    There is a good g/f group on here but as someone says al the settings have gone awol. My diary is 100% gluten free as I have coeliacs and have been eating gluten free over 20 years now. lots of great books and website now dedicated to g/f cooking.
  • I don't really have any good recipes to share but I am Gluten intolerant also, and my diary is open if you want to get an idea of my diet. Pinterest does have a lot of great ideas too.
  • geojeepgirl
    geojeepgirl Posts: 245 Member and have some good gluten free recipes.

    And I also second Pinterest... that place is wonderful once your start looking around... I can spend hours pinning recipes and creating new boards to re-organize them.
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    I really like the gluten free all purpose flour by Jules Shepard. I think she is now marketing it under gf_Jules or something like that. It may be available in stores, just not around here.

    It truly is a cup-for-cup replacement and I have made all kinds of cookies and breads using it. I also subscribe to her website/facebook page to get free recipes and cookbooks. Her book about living with Celiac disease the first year after diagnosis was a valuable resource when my son was first diagnosed.
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    Be careful not to succumb to marketing. I've recently found gluten free hand soap and clothing. Just be aware of how gluten and gluten free works, and how the marketing works and you'll be good to go.
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    dbmata wrote: »
    Be careful not to succumb to marketing. I've recently found gluten free hand soap and clothing. Just be aware of how gluten and gluten free works, and how the marketing works and you'll be good to go.

    Excellent point! You beat me to it.

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    "gluten free hand soap"

    Hand soap as well as other cosmetics can contain oat, which may or may not be "gluten free" so that really is not that odd. As someone allergic to oat, I had to toss everything and start over because I was still reacting.
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    Gluten is a protein found in some grains. Avoid those grains and you should be fine. It's pretty easy at home, but wheat contains gluten and is used in many food additives so buying pre-made meals either from the store or a restaurant can be problematic.
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    Thanks for all the reeplies and tips!

    I love Pinterest and use it all the time, but still am always looking for recipes that other people have tried and have enjoyed. Some of the other websites I'm not as familiar with-so excited to look at those.
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    Give this one a try:

    It's a huge Atkins/low carb support forum, but I'm guessing you will find a lot of celiac support there as well. I think it's still pretty active and the recipe forum is great, you might get some good ideas or recipes once you sift through the low-carb/gluten free posts.