Your non-mainstream crush?



  • PinkPupper
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    Gackt and Miyavi.
    Those men are so damn sexy.
  • Gordon Ramsay
  • soldiergrl_101
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    stephc0711 wrote: »
    Most of my friends have crushes on these gorgeous guys like Ryan Gosling or Luke Bryan. I on the other hand, am crushing hard on the lead singer of Seether, Shaun Morgan. Does anyone else have a "non-mainstream" crush?

    Yes! Benjamin Burley from Breaking Benjamin and Adam Gontier from Three days Grace. BTW I am listening to Seether right now, how funny.

  • soldiergrl_101
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    Oh and female crush Lacy Sturm (FlyLeaf)
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    Martin Sexton - At least His singing anyway, His "Can't Stop thinking 'Bout You" song gives me the goosies! ;)
  • gamesandgains
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    Christina Hendricks
  • mz_getskinny
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    Edward Norton...he's pretty mainstream...but still my #1 crush
  • emkayelle91
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    Tony Goldwyn! I didn't realize I was into older men until I saw him. <3
  • nicolemtracy
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    Bill Pullman. <3
  • soldiergrl_101
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    Bill Pullman. <3
    He is sexy in While you were sleeping, subtle charm
  • fatcity66
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    All of these guys...
  • fatcity66
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    Bill Pullman. <3
    He is sexy in While you were sleeping, subtle charm

    I had a huge crush on Lonestar in high school...
  • mmd575
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    Ryan Eggold from The Black List and Dylan Bruce from Orphan Black
  • Bucky83
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    Kevin James (dude from King of Queens and Hitch). He's so adorable and hilarious! Steve Carell as well, I wouldn't call him mainstream.
  • y385rmm1wm3i.png
    I'm pretty sure Ronnie Radke isn't mainstream. Oh how I love him <3
  • JazzFischer1989
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    Michael Stevens from Vsauce
    And 1970's Jack Nicholson (not necessarily 'non-mainstream', but unconventional I guess).
  • DjinnMarie
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    Barry pepper
  • justcat206
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    TyTy76 wrote: »
    Lindsey Stirling




    I second this!

    Also, Kunal Nayyar, Fran Kranz, Alesandro Juliani, and my #1 crush at the moment is Alan Tudyk.
  • TechNerd42
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    I have multiple "types"

    Don't think I've seen him in anything other than Once Upon a Time - but the guy who plays Dr. Frankenstein

    I need to stop before I get a nosebleed...

    Alias Season 4 and Heroes Season 1. You're welcome. :) And I can't be the only one in the world who fantasizes about running an out of the way bed and breakfast where famous people come to get away from it all, and of course it's people like Alan Rickman, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, Clark Gregg, or Alan Tudyk. And they discover I'm just the kind of woman they want. ;) *sigh*