I'm a new at this, and I'm nice!

I've never done anything like this before. I'm 5'7.5" about 155 lbs (I've lost a few pounds in the last couple of months) and my weight goal is somewhere under 140lbs. I tried to get my two sisters on board with me to weight loss but they're not into it. I'm reaching out hear because I'm hoping it will help me in reaching my goals and keeping the weight off. I'm a nature girl, I love food, I'm easy going, I like to push myself and I'm a bit of a wanderer. Good luck to whoever reads this in your journey to good health!


  • greynotesfall
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    Are you looking for supportive friends? If so, add me! I'm nice too lol
  • Winston817
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    Up for motivated friends and to help motivate.
  • Cori_Mac
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    Hello! Please add me if you like. I've been successful at logging in for two weeks. :)
  • moveyourself
    hello! feel free to add me. ^ _^ I'm always here for support and motivation. I need it, myself.
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    Nice ... Lol. There's no Nice people on MFP. There's trolls and zealots and the terminally whiny (I don't log my food correctly and I CAN'T LOSE WEIGHT PLZ HELP). There's topics you should NEVER mention, but you won't know what they are until you mention one.
    (Hint: Low Carb, Calories In/Calories Out, Low Fat, Sugar, Protein, High Fat ... just for starters).

    Not trying to scare you off, just don't want you to expect otherwise and be disappointed. Perhaps find a group, or a few friends who subscribe to the same eathing ethos as you do, and you might get the support you are looking for. Don't ask the CICO crowd to support you if you eat Low Carb.

    And welcome. :) I'm nice too, feel free to add me.