Who has had to completely give up alcohol for weight loss?



  • Alatariel75
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    I lost the majority of my weight so far drinking, and fairly heavily. I haven't had a drink in just over a month now (my husband got quite ill and has been advised to give up the booze etc for the short term and I'm being supportive) and I have lost a lot of weight in that time eating a hell of a lot more than I was.

    Not saying I won't drink again, I surely will, but man, I can't deny that there aren't advantages to giving it up...
  • sallybaine
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    I've given up alcohol. I'd prefer to eat my calories than drink them. And it decreases my will power in resisting food. I'm surprised by how little I miss it.
  • 10manda86
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    i only drink once every 3-6 months.. partly due to calories and partly due to not wanting to drink... when i do drink i dont worry about calories, figure one day out of 3-6 months isn't going to change much
  • rainrain83
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    yes i find it very hard. I set aside enough calories for a glass wine then have a whole bottle and eat everything in the house. probably best to give it up.
  • dxc92
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    I don't drink at all anymore and haven't done for a year and a half... I just drink on special occasions really. But I feel bad doing it because I know the next day I will be looking around for hangover food >:) and because of this reason I can't lose weight and drink unfortunately. Everyone is different though!
  • ScottDowell
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    Yes, drinking may directly effect to your weight also apart from health issues, it is scientifically proven that those who drink will be more healthier then those who are not.
    If you are giving up for reducing weight then it sounds good but do take some advice through health specialist.
  • gretchenzg
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    What has worked for me is walking six to eight miles a day. I used to get just four. It was the health app on my iPhone that spurred me! Gotta get those 10,000 steps, and then some… I drink all the wine I want. Nearly skinny. A good friend didn't recognize me from a distance today. It's the exercise. Hard to make the time, I know. I quit watching the news. It's all bad anyway.
  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    I haven't given up drinking and don't plan to unless directed by my doctor to do so for medical reasons. Not drinking would completely alter my life.

    I don't drink till I'm drunk and drinking doesn't cause me to eat junk food or binge eatt, but every gathering of friends or family involves alcohol. Dinner is usually with a glass or two of wine. Ball games wouldn't be the same without beer.

    This is how I feel. I enjoy wine with friends, and dinner. I enjoy beer with sports on a hot afternoon.
  • Alluminati
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    Wine is not calorie dense. Why do people keep saying this?
  • ruter1pa
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    I haven't had a drink since the beginning of the year. I would rather use the calories for something I can chew. I thought I would miss it, but I really don't.
  • flinx1241
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    Definitely haven't given it up, but my overall consumption has decreased. Like many, the bigger problem for me isn't having beer or wine, but the additional poor choices that often accompany those drinks. Still, have navigated that whole minefield fairly successfully without going the abstinence route. Cheers!
  • krysmuree
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    I allow it once in a while - a nice night out, or a birthday. But I'm cutting it out otherwise. I, like you, make poor choices as a result of drinking. I snack, I binge, I lose track of what I eat so even if I work a few drinks in, I end up ruining it anyways. Not worth it and it's really been setting me back. Some people can fit it in and make it work, but I can't.
  • opalsqueak007
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    Hi OP. I gave up alcohol when I decided to lose weight. I have lost the weight, but still don't drink. I never thought I would be happy as a non-drinker, as I loved drinking, but I got fat on it because I was so greedy, and I drank loads and ate loads after. Best decision I ever made was to give it up. Shame I didn''t do it 30 years ago. It hasn't affected my social life.
  • GWehsling
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    I noticed my biggest loss when I stopped drinking every night, but I have never stopped altogether, in fact, I brew my own beer (by the truckload), so I'd have to sacrifice one hobby to support a new lifestyle? I think not. The difference now is that I drink when I have earned it by changing my social activities that support drinking.

    When I was a hefty 120kgs (about 10yrs ago) I was hitting town three nights a week and a few BBQs in between. Now I hang out with a social group that is energetic and enjoys drinking: I run the local Hash House Harrier chapter 4 or 5 times a month. We usually run 5kms on a Monday night and have a beer at the end. It's social focused, but a hard run makes more than one beer hard to stomach. Also, this weekend, I had a river float with a few beers at the end; essentially, I tread water in a cool fast moving river for almost two hours before settling into a a few dark ales. In each case, I still won my calories and spent them wisely, saving a few for social events during the week. In each case, I am too buggered to eat.

    My weight dropped off real quick with this lifestyle and I have made some good friends - since then, my weight has hovered around 90-95kgs and I still put away a few beers a week without much care or gain.

    Previously, I found I was getting the munchies not because I was hungry, but because I was bored and I have traded this bad habit (boredom) with something that keeps me busy (running or cycling or swimming* etc.). If you enjoy a beer or two and some good social malarky but want a short run inbetween, I strongly advise a Hash House Harrier chapter or similar activity, something that balances the carbs but still adds good friends and social shenanigans.

    *Don't mix booze and swimming and all the usual disclaimers, please use common sense.
  • chatnel
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    I think I need to give it up, all my hard work during the week is ruined as I cannot say no to wine on the weekend. Easily drink one bottle friday/saturday and sometimes sunday. That is about 2000 extra calories. Yay for all those people that have willpower and can just have one or two glasses but that does not work for me, I need to go without for awhile.
  • Larissa_NY
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    I gave alcohol up for Lent. The only change I've noticed so far is that now I get pretty fierce cravings for coffee in the evening. But I drink at home, with dinner, so (a) there's no junk food around to overeat, and (b) I'm full.
  • KKishaA
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    brizzeem wrote: »
    everyone is going to have their own reasons for action taken on booze intake - or even removing it. this will depend on your habbits when drinking (on top of the additional cals). for me, I want to eat while drinking for the most part. when I was over-weight I would not only over-consume booze but I would add food cals to it too.
    - Yes there was times I said f it i'm not drinking at all but this was when I knew nothing about eating healthy
    - I now only drink socially (which I'll limit the amount I consume and how much per week), this also helps u avoid those hangovers so you dont waste the next day
    - whats helped me stick to this is being consistant and not drinking everyday like I used too. when those occasions come about to go out more then your "limit" a week, enjoy a non-alcoholic mixer. I've gone to bars or other places plenty of times and didnt drink. it was a big mentality change for me as it does suck when your friends are drinking and you're not but hey - u have goals right?!?!?

  • meganreid163
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    I’m legit in the same boat. The hangover the next day I just eat crap food 🤣
    I just stick to once a month and not every week.
  • endermako
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    I have alcohol sometimes with my refeed day which happens about once a week. It's been a couple weeks since i've included alcohol in it. I'll never get rid of it completely. Margaritas are life