How often do you weigh in

I'm not sure when I should weigh myself and I want to know when all of you do so maybe I can get an idea of when I should . Also is it normal to gain a pound or two directly after eating or drinking ?


  • Liftng4Lis
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    I weigh daily, record weekly.
  • SashaJaneJ
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    I weigh in every two weeks on the same day and same time.
  • libbydoodle11
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    I weigh in and record with MFP about once every 5 weeks.
  • malibu927
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    Every day, recording to MFP on Wednesdays. If you do weigh every day, you have to be extremely mindful of the fluctuations you'll experience. You can easily gain several pounds of water weight in 24 hours.

    And yes to your second question. That's why it's best to weigh in the morning right after you've woken up and used the bathroom. You constantly go up and down even throughout the day.
  • TheSatinPumpkin
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    Daily when I wake up and gone to the bathroom. Log if I lose and move on.
  • FitOldMomma
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    I weigh myself 3-4 times a week. I only record my weight on Tuesdays.
  • raysputin
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    Nearly every day - log irrespective of whether it went up or down and watch the graph trend down.
  • Cassie_DE
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    I actually wouldn't recomend weighing in too often! I think these two articles on Nerdfitness explain why not very well:

    Instead weigh yourself no more than once a week, on the same day at the same time, preferably just before breakfast.
    Good luck!
  • johnnylakis
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    Liftng4Lis wrote: »
    I weigh daily, record weekly.
    same here

  • EminaV28
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    I weight in every Saturday,i know in a at least a week I should see some difference if I follow diet and exercise... B)
  • tmauck4472
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    Every morning, before I drink anything and after I use the bathroom. I like the others know that you can be down 3 lbs one day and up 3 lbs the next. Try not to let that freak you out. It happens. Once you get used to it you'll wonder for hot moment what you had the day before that caused that and it's usually sodium intake or water retention. I find I'm retaining water now more with my running than before and it doesn't help I'm living in MS which has horrible humidity :(
  • I weigh myself 1-4 times a day and I officially 'check in' on MFP on the 15th of each month.
  • marcenepea
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    I try to only weigh in once a week, sometimes I sneak a peak in the middle of the week. But I log every Wednesday, but to be fair I just started again.
  • Cortneyrenee04
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    I only weigh myself when I KNOW I've lost weight! But that's just me, I know.
  • bainsworth1a
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    I weigh every day and only record the losses on MFP I like seeing the graph go down, down down. Fluctuations are normal and for me the daily weighing keeps me focused. I keep a separate spread sheet for myself where I graph my calorie intake everyday.
  • IILikeToMoveItMoveIt
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    yes it is normal to "gain weight" after a meal as everything weighs something. I weigh every day and record when I've dropped weight. Water weight is especially difficult to figure around as carbs draw water to itself more than anything else.
  • WW_Jude_V2
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    Weigh every single day, graph it and watch the trend. Even if I've gone up on the scale, the long term trend shows me that I'm fine.....still maintaining perfectly. :)

    Someone posted this link on MFP a while ago and I've been using it ever since:
  • cherryblossombabe
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    I weigh myself every single week.. My weigh in day is a Friday, I get up in the morning and weigh myself before I eat or drink anything, first thing.

    If I were to weigh myself right after eating dinner sometimes the scales would jump up by 2 or even 3 pounds. Your body fluctuates daily so try stick to a day and get a wee routine going..

  • msmi1970
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    once a week, same time of day. log it then as well. used to do it every day but that was doing my head in. like some drug addict with the constant highs and lows. thankfully i have got over that stage. :)
  • Fitteacherc
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    This depends on your psyche. Weight loss is not linear and can happen in fits and starts (especially for women). Some people get discouraged when they see fluctuations. If you think you'll be discouraged by the ups and downs, don't weigh yourself daily. Many people think that women are better off weighing ourselves monthly due to water fluctuations.

    Check out these threads and articles for more info: