Anyone else trying to lose weight with hypothyroidism?

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Hi everyone!

My name is Sherille. I just joined MFP about a week ago. I'm looking for some friends to add for motivation and encouragement, I'm in for the long haul. Lol trying to get down 50lbs.

A little about myself, I was recently diagnosed with hypothyriodism, and I'm currently taking 25 mg of levothyrxine. I also am slightly insulin resistant, so I'm working to reverse this as well. I've had trouble for the past three years losing weight even with strict dieting and excercise, so it came as a relief to be diagnosed with hypothyroidism, so at least I know I was trying and failing for a reason.

Now I have a game plan and with meds and strict diet and exercise I hope to reach my goal this time around. So if you are also looking for friends, please add me, I'd love to be a support to others also.


  • surruhehlizabeht
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    Hi Sherille! I have hypothyroidism and polycystic ovarian syndrome. I completely relate to what you're saying about the diagnosis being a bit of a relief. I've lost 20 pounds so far, and I have 70-80 more to go before I hit my goal weight. I honestly seem to be responding to the medicine a little faster than many of my friends, but once the mix of meds is right, it really is helpful! You can do it! :)
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    Hi Sherille! I'm Rhonda...I too have hypothyroidism along with insuline resistance on top of Graves Disease and Celiacs Disease. I had full knee replacement surgery on the right leg and more than likely will have to have the other one done too. All of which cause and hinder weight loss and the ability to do exercise. I have lost 82 pounds so far and yes it has been very hard but it is doable. I think I have turned my life completely around and yet I have about another 30 pounds I want to lose. YOU can add me if you want to. Good luck!
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    Hello! I was diagnosed with hypothyrodism about 7 months ago after bottoming out and gaining 70 pounds. I am also on levothyrxine and I think I am balanced out. I have been about to lose 15 pounds so far - with exercise and strict diet - it wasn't easy. I have sent you a friend request. Losing with hypothyrodism can ben difficult and confusing at times - a fellow motivator is always welcome!
  • Hi! Add me to the list. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 2 years ago. I had been taking Armour Thyroid up until a few months ago and am now switching over to Synthroid. The worst part about being hypo and on meds is titrating to the right dosage. Hang in there! Once your doc gets you on the correct dosage your body will catch up. I lost about 40 pounds but still have quite a way to go. Good luck!
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    I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about 6 months ago, It explains a lot but not everything for me. I'm still struggling with remembering to take my medication, but I'm working on it. I would also like to lose about 50 lbs.
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    I was diagnosed 20 years ago. It does slow everything down, but I've lost 33 lbs with 100 more to go. Be patient. It's going to be slow, but totally doable