Pilates Beginner - Any Help or Direction



  • lilyann001
    lilyann001 Posts: 75 Member
    I really like the 'Elements Pilates for Beginners weight Loss' DVD that I've been using.
  • successgal1
    successgal1 Posts: 996 Member
    I use Pilates Conditioning for Weight Loss with Susan deason. Its a gaiam DVD. Really pulls in my abs and slims my legs in the hip and thigh area. I do step aerobics for cardio and more of a lower body workout, and dumbells for upper body.

    Step aerobics works muscles for pushing, Pilates works them more like pulling in.
  • Kari121869
    Kari121869 Posts: 180 Member
    I tried pilates on the weekend.. OMG!! I'm still sore today and I only did them for 15 min!! lol... I tried the blogilates beginners.. I may try them again once I stop hurting lol